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IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you’re still waiting on your mystery gift, know that the entire Black Lapel team in New York is tripped up on caffeine working around the clock to send them off to all of our fans. Due to the overwhelming response (we love you guys – and gals – too!) to our Black Friday Giveaway (and to Twitter’s silly 250 daily DM limit, boooo!), it will take about 7-10 days for us to get to everyone’s gift DMs. For those of you who just can’t stop checking your DM inboxes, you can email us at and we’ll email you your gift (confirmation of Twitter username will be required).
Also, we know many of you are eagerly waiting to find out if you’re the lucky recipient of a free custom suit! 😉 We’ve already announced the 1st of 4 recipients yesterday.  The other 3 will be announced during the day today (11/27) on Twitter and Facebook!
Please Note: If your Twitter account is protected and private, we unfortunately cannot access your retweets for the required confirmation. Please email us at to confirm your retweet and claim your gift. 
Thanks for your patience guys!
– Team Black Lapel