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Your pocket square could be the most important part of your outfit. Don’t wear one and you’ll look incomplete. Wear one that clashes with your outfit and you’ll look completely clueless.

No need to be intimidated, though. This is one of the easiest matching tasks you’ll face. As long as it’s not too similar to your jacket, pretty much all designs are fair game. Just choose a pocket square that echoes a color from your shirt or tie, slip it into your pocket in your preferred manner (the square fold is our go-to) and your style status will immediately jump up tenfold.

To prove the point, we’ve paired 24 different pocket squares with five shirt and tie combos. The result: a full set of stylish options for just about every color in your shirt and tie wardrobe.

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We asked you to add to this collection with a Wild Card option for the Lord of Lavender slide above. You answered the call with a stellar selection of pocket square choices that we’ve highlighted below.

As promised, we picked our favorite and we’ll purchase it and send it out to the guy who recommended it. No, it is not made by Black Lapel but, as we noted, game recognize game. Here’s the winner and all of your entries:


Where to Get Them

The Boss of Blue:

The Monochrome Master:

The Red Ruler:

The Maroon Maestro:

The Lord of Lavender: