Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel


Hand crafted in 6 weeks, with estimated delivery around Jan 17, 2024

Jacket Type

We Recommend


The choice for formal-wear (e.g., tuxedos) or a trendier suited look.

Double-Breasted (+$50)

An enduring stylish option for menswear aficionados.


We Recommend

Full Canvas (+$200)

A luxury upgrade to improve drape and durability


Our classic suiting construction

Lapel Type

We Recommend


The lapel of choice for some classic flair. It can also have a flattering lengthening effect with its longer edge.


Shawl lapel.


We Recommend

Double (Side)

The classic suiting option.


Jacket Pockets

We Recommend

Slanted Piped

A formalwear pocket style with a modern twist.

Straight Piped

A minimalist look that is the preferred and classic option for tuxedos.

Jacket Inner Lining

We Recommend

Choose from the various inner lining colors to add flair and make the suit your very own.

Teal Dots

Silver Dots


Royal Purple



Burnt Orange

Light Gold


Cherry Red

Light Grey

Dark Silver


Blue Teal

Navy Blue


Pale Yellow



Rose Gold

Cornflower Blue

Gray Paisley

Olive Paisley

Purple Paisley

Monogramming (Optional)

We Recommend


Max character length: 15

Text Line 2

Max character length: 15








Pant Pleats

We Recommend

None (Flat Front)

A clean look that’s recommended for all suiting styles.

Single (One)

A classic look that creates more room in the upper thighs for ease of movement without adding much bulk to the pants.

Double (Two)

A “heftier”, throwback look that creates more room around the upper thighs. Pair with cuffs.


We Recommend




We Recommend

Add Vest

We recommend adding a vest if you’d like to sport the occasional three-piece suited look.


Yes (+$174.75)

Vest Buttons


Traditionally a black tie outfit means covering your waist. Many men choose to add a formal waistcoat, a vest that is specifically designed for wearing with your tuxedo, to do that.

Vest Back

Black (Standard)

Black lining fabric on the back panel of your vest is a classic look.

Match Inner Lining

The back panel uses the same material as your jacket inner lining selection.

Match Exterior Fabric

For those who want the exterior back of their jacket to match their jacket fabric for a more seamless look when worn without a jacket.

Extra Pair of Pants

We Recommend

Pants get more wear and tear than jackets so if you wear your suits on a regular rotation, it is recommended that you have an extra pair of pants for each suit. Save $29 off retail price for a pair of standalone pants in this fabric when you add an extra pair to your order using this option.


Yes (+$233.00)

Accent Stitching - Last Sleeve Buttonhole

We Recommend

Matching the color of the last sleeve buttonhole stitching to your selection of inner lining color. Recommended for gentlemen who are comfortable with a subtle pop of color in their outfit.


Match Inner Lining

Pant Back Pockets

We Recommend

Two (Standard)

Two back pockets are a balanced and standard option.

One on Right

If you don’t use your back pockets or prefer a minimalist look, go with one back pocket on either side or no back pockets.

One on Left

If you don’t use your back pockets or prefer a minimalist look, go with one back pocket on either side or no back pockets.


A true minimalist look if back pockets don’t spark joy for you.

Belt Loops

We Recommend


Belt loops are a tried and true option.

No - with Side Tabs

Go without belt loops for a sleeker look that mimics formalwear. Not recommended for pants worn in conservative contexts where belts are expected.

Suspender Buttons

We Recommend

Add these buttons to the inside waistband of your pants if you enjoy sporting suspenders (braces).



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The Details

    • Fabric: 100% Wool
    • Yarn: Super 110s
    • Color: Black
    • Pattern: Solid
    • Seasonality: All Seasonal
    • Buttons: Satin
    • Lining Fabric: 100% Bemberg

The Context

Taking a cue from the smoking jacket, a shawl lapel tuxedo is equally appropriate to the peak in formality, but slightly more unexpected. Ideal for men who want a softer, more relaxed presentation while keeping the formality of black tie. This black tuxedo makes for a great wedding tux for the groom or the well-appointed guest. <br><br><em>*Note: In keeping with black tie tradition, these pants come with a satin stripe down the outer seam of the legs.</em>