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Your wedding suit is one of the most important and momentous purchases you’ll ever make. Sure, you have your weekday wardrobe, your trusted office-ready suits that make you look sharp Monday through Friday, but wedding suits for men are in a league of their own. With good reason too with the amount of scrutiny, you’ll be under on your big day. Sure, you still have to send out the wedding invites, choose the seating arrangements, and decide on what food to serve your guests, but deciding what suit to wear on your big day? That’s a decision with lasting (photos are forever) consequences.

Wedding Suits for Men

Men's Wedding Suits - The Black Lapel Way

You want to look good, no doubt. If you’re the groom or even a groomsman, all eyes are going to be on you as you stand at the front of the ceremony, and you want to make sure your wedding suits look their absolute best. So how do you get your hands on the perfect wedding suits? One option you have is renting them. As easy as this may sound, it comes with drawbacks. You don’t get to keep your suit, for one. This may seem trivial, but your wedding suit is special and something you’ll want as a keepsake. If the sentimental value isn’t a cause for concern, renting your wedding suits also means they aren’t going to fit you or your wedding party well. This is due to the fact that rental suits only come in standardized sizes, and very few men can fit these predetermined measurements well. If you don’t want to rent your wedding suits (we don’t blame you), you can also go buy them off-the-rack at your local department store. This way, you get to keep your garments, but yet again, these suits are going to come in sizes that aren’t going to fit anyone perfectly or even well. Moreso, the idea of trying to convince your friends to go to the store and try on suits all day is going to be difficult, to say the least. For these reasons (and more), opting for custom made wedding suits for men is the easiest option that yields the best results.

By going custom with Black Lapel, you can easily coordinate fabric color and style while each gent, including you the groom, would get a custom fit that all but ensures compliments galore and top-notch wedding photos. Not convinced? Check out some real-life Black Lapel wedding suits in action.

At Black Lapel, we fully understand that choosing your wedding suit is a big step towards planning the big day. But given the momentous decision, excitement quickly fades to stress as you try to figure out where to find men’s wedding suits that look as good as you want your wedding photos to look. This can be problematic when you’re planning your wedding suits for men who all have different tastes and body types. At Black Lapel, we know that sifting through all the men’s wedding suits out there is stressful, and we’re here to lend you a hand.

Better Wedding Suits With Black Lapel

Not only do we have a luxurious selection of custom made wedding suits but at Black Lapel, we’re here to help you with more than getting your measurements. To help you organize your big day, we provide you with a group wedding planner to share with your wedding party. This platform will serve as a shared space where you can coordinate outfit ideas with your group. Additionally, your very own Black Lapel stylist will help you along the way and suggest fabrics and other customization options to guarantee your wedding suits look their absolute best. If you’re looking to take some of the worries off your shoulder, this is a great option to guarantee you’re choosing the best wedding suits possible that will fit you and your party perfectly.

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Wedding Suits - Customer Testimonials

Xavier T. — After first buying a tux a few years ago from them that fit amazing I decided to buy my wedding suit from them. The suit arrived and fit absolutely perfect. No alterations needed at all. I couldn't of been happier with the whole purchase from start to finish.

John M. — I ordered my wedding suit through Black Lapel last March. The experience was so great. Selections and customer service are great. I will definitely come back for another suit.

Ben C. — I had an awesome for a suit for my wedding. The suit looks great, fits great, the material feels extremely high quality, and I got tons of compliments. Without spending 3-4x the price, I can't imagine a better suiting experience.