Custom Royal Blue, Light Blue, Teal and Blue Men's Suits

A custom made blue suit is one of the classiest, most handsome ways to begin your custom suiting journey. Try a light blue suit to bring the vibes of a sunny day. A teal blue suit is perfect for oceanside weddings. And if you're the groom? Why not try a royal blue tuxedo - you deserve to feel like a king!

Blue Suits - The Black Lapel Way

We firmly believe that buying a suit should be much easier than trudging through an off-the-rack store, frustrated with looking for a suit that actually fits you. That’s why you should shop for mens blue suits at Black Lapel. Our suits, including the variety of mens blue suits on this page, are all custom made and tailored to your very own measurements, meaning your blue suit is designed to fit you, and only you. These blue suits include solid blue suits, blue herringbone suits, blue windowpane suits, blue birdseye suits, blue glen plaid suits and of course, blue check suits. We guarantee your suit will fit you flawlessly, all while you enjoy the benefit of free shipping directly to your front door. All you need at your disposal in order to create a profile and get your very own custom blue suit by Black Lapel is a measuring tape, a friend or family member, and as much time as it would take to put away your laundry (15 minutes or so). Simple, right? We think so, too.

A Better Blue Suit With Black Lapel

Black Lapel is built on the belief that suits should be one-size-fits-you. Experience custom made clothing for yourself and you’ll quickly see there is no turning back. Black Lapel is a custom, made to measure suiting company stationed in New York City. Since 2012, we’ve been showing men around the world why custom made suits are so essential, and they tend to agree! Black Lapel has even been featured in major media outlets including CNBC, InsideHook, Forbes, and Huffington Post!

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Blue Suit - Customer Testimonials

Our customers have also chimed in with numerous 5-star reviews over the years, and you can see for yourself through Yelp and Google just how much men who have shopped at Black Lapel enjoy their custom made suiting experience. In their own words...

Al M. — Never did I feel as comfortable in a suit as I did with Black Lapel. I already made referrals and I'm going back for more suits. I'm addicted.

Tin L. — Bought a custom navy suit online. Great video instructions in how to measure yourself at home if need be. Got it in 4 weeks minus 1 day. Surpassed my expectations and getting another soon.

Ryan W.— I love how many different ways I am able to customize suits from BL. I feel like a million bucks when I'm wearing their suit, and I look like it too. I love this company, and I would recommend them to anyone.