qual-i-ty (noun):

The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something


From pick stitching to floating canvas construction, no detail is spared on your jacket.

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Crisp, classy, or comfortable—however you wear them, our shirts are built to last.

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With sturdy waistband construction and all-metal closures, our trousers can handle anything.

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“Fabric is the most extraordinary thing; it has life. You must respect the fabric.”

- Hubert de Givenchy

Quality Fabric, Quality Clothes

Quality begins long before the first cut is made into a bolt of your chosen fabric; it is not simply a set of processes and constructions, but rather it is a mindset underlying how and why every element of your suit is chosen and artfully crafted. For our clients, the fabric selection process is the most exciting and important decision in their custom suiting journey.

In order to provide the very best experience in making that decision, we made it our mission to curate the finest selection of suiting wools the world had to offer. As we began to build the relationships with the most renowned names in suiting—Loro Piana, Zegna, Vitale Barberis, Dormeuil, Reda, Drago…the list goes on— we began to learn exactly why the quality and reputation of these heritage mills precedes them, and developed a profound respect for their craft.

By choosing to offer selections from these mills, we made a reciprocal commitment to ensure that the quality of our clothing was worthy of their label. Cutting corners on a suit that bears the Loro Piana name is hypocritical at best and disrespectful at worst, so we made a promise to ourselves that nothing less than world-class custom suiting would suffice. All of that is to say: you can expect your suit to be built commensurate with the very same care and detail as these renowned mills put into their fabrics.

Dormeuil Suits DRAGO Suits Loro Piana Suits REDA Suits SCABAL Suits Huddersfield Suits
Dormeuil Suits DRAGO Suits Loro Piana Suits REDA Suits SCABAL Suits Huddersfield Suits

A selection of the world-class suiting mills that we partner with to deliver high-quality men’s custom suiting. Visit a showroom to explore our entire collection.

Flawless Fit Promise

When you put on a suit made by Black Lapel, we promise that you’ll be looking and feeling your best. With over 50 years of combined menswear, tailoring, and fit experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your fit suits you, and our technology and algorithmic patterning system allows us to deliver consistently on that fit time after time.

We Promise.