White Fine Broadcloth Tuxedo Shirt - Fabric by Thomas Mason


Hand crafted in 5 weeks, with estimated delivery around Jul 08, 2023

Collar Type

We Recommend

Classic (Semi-Spread)

Versatile yet stylish, this collar straddles the line between modern and traditional.


The spread, with its wide open front, gives tie knots plenty of room to show off.


One of the most vertical dress shirt collars, the point helps to elongate a full face.

Button Down Collar

Made popular by Ivy Leaguers and polo players, the button down is the preppy choice.


The dramatic spread of the cutaway makes this fashionable choice ideal for those with narrow faces.


Monogramming (Optional)

We Recommend


Max character length: 6


Left Cuff

Right Cuff

Breast Pocket

Left Rib

Right Rib




Navy Blue

Sky Blue








Bold Script

Fancy Script

Cuff Type

We Recommend

One-Button Rounded

The most traditional cuff type, this option allows you to loosen or tighten your wrist cuff depending on how you button it.

Two-Button Rounded

Two vertically stacked buttons add a subtle touch of difference to your shirt wrists.

One-Button Angled

This sharp angled cuff adds a modern touch to your look.

Two-Button Angled

Two vertically stacked buttons with an angled cuff is as modern as it comes.

One-Button Squared

The squared off edge is perfect for the lover of straight lines modern design.

Two-Button Squared

The right angle of the cuff and the two buttons makes for a fitted wrist and clean design.

French Squared

The classic look for the man who wears cufflinks.

French Rounded

The choice for the man who wears cufflinks but appreciates minimalist design.

Convertible Squared

Can be worn with cufflinks for a classic look or buttoned for a more modernist approach.

Convertible Rounded

This cuff can be buttoned regularly and worn with cufflinks for special occasions

Chest Pocket

We Recommend

Add a casual touch to your shirt with a pocket on the left side of the chest.




We Recommend

Stud holes - Standard Front

Choose this placket for a more traditional look.

Stud holes - French Front

For a seamless look, choose this placket.

Covered/Hidden Front

A hidden placket is a great option for formal shirts that are to be worn with bow ties.

Shirt Back

We Recommend


The smooth back of this shirt is perfect for the minimalist look.

Center Pleat

A center pleat bisects the back of the shirt allowing for movement across the back.

Side Pleats

Side pleats provide a symmetrical look while allowing slightly more range of motion around the shoulder blades.

Review Your Customizations

Be sure to review your details and make edits as needed.

The Details

    • Fabric: 100% Cotton by Thomas Mason
    • Yarn: N/A
    • Color: White
    • Pattern: Solid
    • Seasonality: All Seasonal
    • Lining Fabric: NA

The Context

Because nothing counterbalances the dark dinner jackets and bow ties of formalwear better than a bright white formal shirt, this shirt is a potent weapon in your black tie arsenal. The softness of cotton in its natural state, those blooms that appear like billowy clouds perched atop a field of flowers, comes through in this Italian milled, 120s broadcloth fabric. Classy and sophisticated, yes, but don’t let the softness fool you. The reinforced durability of the 2-ply construction of this shirt means it’s tough enough to wear again and again.