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Make 2017 Your Best Dressed Year Yet

Make 2017 Your Best Dressed Year Yet

Washboard abs by Memorial Day. Annual sales targets met by June. Many of us pick tough New Year’s resolutions. But making 2017 your best dressed year yet is a New Year’s resolution you can keep, and enjoy keeping.

The best way to keep that resolution is to subscribe to The Compass. If you’re on a mission to dress better, we’ll supply you with regular inspiration and motivation.

Still, a year is a long time to keep a resolution. A lot can happen in a year that make it tougher to sustain your style. That’s why we took some common milestones that can throw you off of your style game.

Ironically, it’s the positive things that often have a negative effect on your style. We call them style saboteurs and below we’ll offer you some strategies to enjoy the good times that 2017 may bring your way and keep dressing well all year long.

Style Saboteur

You're Graduating

Solution: Get Some Interview Suits

Style Saboteur

You're Getting Married

Solution: Buy, Don’t Rent, a Tuxedo

Style Saboteur

You're Becoming a Dad

Solution: Invest in Heirloom Pieces

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5 thoughts on “Make 2017 Your Best Dressed Year Yet”

  1. princezamira.com says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas. The suit color is excellent. I like it.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Glad to be of service. Here’s hoping you’re having your best-dressed year!

  2. kez says:

    Hi, am getting married dis july my guys re doing royal blue wit black lapel nd brown shoe can it go wit peach tie nd wat sock color?

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Hey, Kez. It sounds like your guys are going black tie for your wedding…very nice. We think you might need to re-up on your black tie rules, and we have just the right read for you.

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