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At Black Lapel we won’t rest until your suit fits you flawlessly. That’s our promise. Delivering on that promise requires precise tailoring and attention to detail, but we’re up to the task.

Half Canvas Construction

Our premium half canvas construction creates a fluid drape and allows for natural movement. The best part? It’s built to last and will mold to your body over time

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Bemberg feels like silk, but is more breathable and durable, making it the ideal inner lining for luxury suits. It’s also far superior to polyester or viscose rayon, which trap heat and pill with wear.

Thread Shank

The thread shank on our buttons gives them just the right amount of space and strength, so they’ll always stand at attention

Bull Horn Buttons

Bull horn buttons are not only more durable than plastic buttons, they’re more elegant. The unique markings on the buttons make each button completely one of a kind

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