Happy Thanksgiving!

A few years back we published the above image with the headline “Turkey Dressing” and a caption that read “What did you expect, a recipe for stuffing?”

We got some comments about how only we would dress a Turkey so well. And so we decided to bring it back but this time with a bit more information on how we got this turkey looking so fly. Thus…

The Thanksgiving Outfit Breakdown

  1. The suit: Gray Sharkskin Custom 3-Piece suit with some very special turkey modifications. For one, this turkey got it with black lapels and plus four pants to accommodate those turkey legs. Note how the sleeve length of the jacket shows just enough shirt cuff and allowing the wings to be adequately showcased. And of course, the key customization, the double-vented jacket to display the fanned tail feathers.
  2. The shirt: Savoy Line White Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt, because even a turkey knows all you need are blue and white shirts.
  3. Accessories: A solid blue tie and a white pocket square keep things simple, but the pocket watch and monocle add a touch of vintage flair to the whole look.
  4. Socks: Argyle socks show off bold, yet classic style.
  5. Shoes: This turkey’s been reading The Compass and knew that Brown Brogues are the MVP of our shoe collections.

Altogether this is one killer look. Take a tip from this bird and you’ll be on the right path.

Happy Thanksgiving!