We are reaching the end of our style series yet are looking forward to the beginning of a new chapter of inspiration. One that is very much rooted in style, but takes on a different scope of influence: FIT. In the next month, we will be taking you through all of the steps and tools you need to ensure you not only have a sartorial eye for style but the wherewithal to know how to achieve that flawless fit. But before we move forward, let’s take a moment and look back on our journey thus far and around at our fellow pilgrims.

Continue to Develop

When you get to the point where you’ve taken the time to 1) know yourself 2) begin experimenting with various outfits and 3) work your way around an array of both structural and material details, you’ll come to realize that your style journey has just begun.  From there, you can continue to build your self-confidence and develop as a sartorial artist like the gentlemen in the pictures below.

Inspired by the eclectic styles seen on the streets of New York, Ludget Delcy started the blog Dapperlou.com to photograph men with admirable styles and exciting spins on menswear.

Have Fun With It

And at this point, you should remember that developing personal style should always be something positive – an enjoyable and creative process where you get to figure out how to look and be your best.  By walking down this stylish path, you’ll come to realize the enormous physical and psychological benefits of putting forth your best foot when it comes to curating your image on a daily basis.

Dan Trepanier, AKA “The Style Blogger,” was voted by Esquire magazine as the “Best Dressed Real Man in America.” He defines a good sense of style as “the ability to bring things together in an unexpected and original way.”

Evolution of Style

Furthermore, style should never be stagnant.  It should be ever evolving in color, pattern, detail, and material with transformative combinations of formal, casual, prep, street and everything in between.  Whatever your motivation is for developing style – physical appeal, new job, new direction in life, etc. – don’t stop feeding that inner fire.

Wale Oyejide, AKA “Woe” is a blogger at lessgentlemen.com, where they believe that fashion is more than just clothing but the embodiment of a better life and a better self – a concept we embrace to the core!  

Whether you are a seasoned sartorialist or new to the game there is room for improvement in all of us. We are here to give you the support you need to keep progressing. Please send us your questions, and we’d be happy to devote a post or series to sharing what we know. Until then, be inspired, take risks and always strive to be your best, everyday.

All our best,

Black Lapel