Men's Summer Grooming Guide

Summer can be the grossest time of year, especially if you’re in an urban area, but it’s also the best time to use all of these new men’s grooming products. And it is mating season after all, so who knows, a little extra freshness (notably below the belt) could go a very long way. So unless you fall under the shameless “Hipster or Homeless?” inquiry, you probably strive to look clean-cut and smell good. Fall and winter months allow for more scruffy appearances, but one extra hair in the summer heat can cause an insane amount of mental and physical irritation. While most gents take the first step of getting that initial hair cut in Spring, more heavy duty male grooming must continue through the summer.We decided catch up with someone who appreciates men’s grooming more than us all and can give you the best grooming tips for men in the summertime.

Anthony Sosnick

Introducing: Tony Sosnick, founder of Anthony™ male grooming products.

Tony’s New York based brand has been around for more than a dozen years, and he is continually solving skin care problems for men. He selects what he calls “the right ingredients” for all of his products that can be used on any type of skin.

Unlike the usual interview,
Tony began by asking us a question:
“Why do guys wear nice suits?
They want to look good.”

When we add that a man’s confidence goes up when he puts on a great suit, Tony concurs, coming to the same conclusion about why male grooming products are so important. Tony applies the same logic in his field of business: “We always say we want to help men look and feel their best.” It’s a damn good incentive and that’s why we’re breaking down Tony’s top recommendations for looking and feeling your best when the temperatures rise this summer.

Clean Cut Conviction

There’s a difference between looking and feeling clean cut, and you could argue that they are equally important. So you may have trimmed that heavy beard from winter down to look fresh faced, but to keep that fresh-faced feeling you’ve got to maintain the bare skin.

“It’s always nice to have a cleaner, closer shave
in the summer because oil and dirt can get trapped in the beard hairs.” – Tony


Anthony’s new Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes are a convenient and unique spin off his popular Glycolic facial cleanser. It’s a unique product because it functions as a dual-action wipe: one side is textured to work as an an exfoliant and the other side is smooth to wipe away any oil or dirt. Tony adds that they are a great product to travel with in the summer!

Keeping Control

In the summer you can feel swamped by your workload, the heat, and the range of weekend plans you have to choose from. Feeling swamped can lead to a number of less than ideal physical conditions – like oily skin or swamp-ass (Sorry, we had to & you know you were already thinking it). So it’s time to find a summer-appropriate regime that lets you stop worrying about what you look, smell and feel like all day long.

We get that this may not be something you want to actively ask around about, so we asked the question for you… ‘Hey Tony, what’s the deal with this No Sweat stuff – is it for what we think it’s for?’

Tony tells us that “This is a great product for summer and it not only helps to keep a guy a dry down there, smelling fresh and clean, but what it does is it also helps with his confidence. Especially in that region.”

“If you feel that you’re clean and smell good,
it’s not only going to feel better, but you’re going to have more confidence.” – Tony


It’s encouraged that you be a little more liberal with your application of No Sweat Body Defense. It’s a cream-to-powder formula that dries right to your skin, allowing you to really target that region. But it’s really good for anywhere on the body that perspires a lot, like your back or your feet.

The Oil Embargo

We’ve also found a solution to your oily skin. *Silence* those “I don’t have oily skin” remarks. Tony tells us that about “80% of men tend to have oily skin and in the winter time when it’s a bit more dry it’s not quite as apparent, but in the summer when it’s especially humid outside, the typical guy tends to be a bit more oily.” Your fix? Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control.

“Your skin looks more matte and less
shiny, oily, and greasy.” -Tony


This is a moisturizer that’s applied after you wash your face or finish shaving. What makes this product so instantly effective is it’s main ingredient, silica. Silica helps to quickly absorb the oil in the skin, but also has light reflecting properties. Say goodbye to unwanted summer shine.

There, There

Rough weekend? Have exciting after-work plans but had a long ass day at work?
Try Tony’s High Performance Continuous Moisture Eye Cream.

“It will definitely help circulate blood flow underneath the eyes to make you look younger and refreshed.” – Tony


Some of you are probably thinking, eye cream for men?? Eye cream gets a feminine rep, but using a men’s version of it just shows you want to look like a better man.Trust Tony – “Often times when I go out, I will use our eye cream because it does help to tighten up some of the fine lines around the eyes.”

Men everywhere want to feel
confident, clean and masculine.

To Tony, “that’s really a great thing – if you can create a product, especially with clothes, where someone applies it, they put it on and feel better about who they are, they feel more confident to go out on the town, or to work, or have a date – that’s what it’s all about.”