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Q: “I really enjoyed reading your guide on traditional wet shaving. But I was wondering, do you really save money using a safety razor as opposed to a normal cartidge razor?” – Jeff M. 

A: Yes, while you’ll spend a little more initially acquiring the supplies, you’ll save in the long-term primarily because the costs of replacement blades for a double-edge safety razor are significantly cheaper (not to mention, you’ll get a far superior shaving experience!). Let’s get visual and let the numbers do the talking:

What do these numbers add up to in 10, 20, 30 years? In suits? 

So as you can see, the savings add up. The question is whether you want to be left with a bunch of worn cartridges and a mediocre shave or a closet full of finely-crafted custom suits and a impeccably groomed face to boot.

Just don’t be like this guy and catch R.A.D. – Razor Acquisition Disorder. That’s another chart altogether.

Hope this inspires you to give wet shaving a try! If you have any questions, leave a comment below!