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The 5 Worst Suit Mistakes You’re Making

The 5 Worst Suit Mistakes You're Making

Putting on a suit is supposed to make you look and feel like a million bucks but a few suit mistakes can really trip up your style. We put together a list of the top 5 suiting mistakes we see men make every day. They’re surprisingly common and yet quite easy to avoid. Read on to see if you’re doing it right.


The Incredible Disappearing Shirt Cuff

1 of 5 Suit Mistakes: The Disappearing Shirt Cuff

Nothing looks more like you’re wearing your father’s suit than a jacket sleeve that swallows up your shirt sleeve. If your shirt sleeve doesn’t peek out from under your jacket (we recommend between 0.25” and 0.5”) you’ve got one of two problems: either your shirt sleeve is too short or your jacket sleeve is too long. Either way, it’s a style mistake that’s hard to recover from.


The Pant Leg Puddle

2 of 5 Suit Mistakes: The Pant Leg Puddle

The express train to Scrub City stops at Pants Too Long Station. But that bunch of fabric puddled around your ankles wasn’t cool back in the 2003 NBA draft when LeBron and company set a record for the worst group of suits ever, and it’s not cool now.


Linebacker Shoulder Pads

3 of 5 Suit Mistakes: Linebacker Shoulders

What guy doesn’t want to be called broad shouldered? We know, it sounds manly. But getting a suit with shoulders that extend well beyond yours actually makes the rest of you look scrawny. If the jacket looks like it’s hanging on a wire hanger when you’ve got it on, it’s time you started dressing for your body, not your aspirational body.


The Flying Squirrel

4 of 5 Suit Mistakes: The Flying Squirrel

So many men wear suits so loose and billowy, they could almost paraglide from tree to tree. While that does sound like fun, it looks like a hot mess. A well-tailored suit should follow your body’s shape and create clean lines from head to toe.


Mind the Gap

5 of 5 Suit Mistakes: Mind the Gap

Your jacket’s collar should stay on your shirt collar like white on rice. When the collar of your shirt and your jacket separate too much, the resulting gap is not just bad feng shui but also unsightly and likely to trip up your style game.

So What’s the One Fix
to All Five of These Suit Mistakes?

Get a custom tailored suit. Black Lapel’s high tech web experience will let you dial in your precise fit with easy to follow measuring videos and a revolutionary suit building tool that will let you choose the fabric, design, and style that works best for you. In a few short weeks, you’ll have an expertly tailored, custom suit that won’t break the bank but will have you looking fly AF.

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