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Three Ways to Look Sharp This Thanksgiving


Get your wardrobe ready with these tips for what to wear this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re noshing with friends, traveling to see family or hosting your own dinner, these tips help you tease out your personal style with an eye for comfort and customization.


You’re not looking to make this Thanksgiving dinner the eat-all and be-all of the weekend. Whether you’re dining with family before a night out with friends, or counting down the minutes to Kick-Off, these threads will keep you moving.


  • Sweater by Brooks Brothers
  • Shirt by Black Lapel
  • Jeans by Levi’s
  • Shoes by Cole Haan

the gracious host

When you start hosting people for Thanksgiving, it’s official: you’re a grown-up. Dress like it. You may be a bit overdressed compared to your guests, but that’s O.K. You’re carvin’ the bird, it’s your table, set the standard.

the gracious host

the meet and greet

Every holiday season, a few courageous men accept the challenge of meeting the family. Tackle your nerves and nail the first impression with a look that’s warm, friendly and says “I’ve got it together.” Of course, you will need to get your shit together if the aforementioned family doesn’t happen to live a stone’s throw away. We’ve got you covered there too…see below the outfit.

  • Blazer by Black Lapel
  • Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson
  • Shirt by Black Lapel
  • Corduroy Pants by Bill’s Khakis
  • Shoes by Charles Tyrwhitt


So you’re in this for the long haul; traveling over the holidays can make the celebration into a slog. You may not be able to control poor weather at O’Hare (which, for some reason, delays every flight within a 3,000 mile radius), but you can control how you pack. Watching the game in your underwear just won’t cut it. Gear up for an extended holiday weekend without overpacking and overthinking.


Don’t leave these essentials behind if you’re hitting the road this Thanksgiving.

  • Sunglasses by Warby Parker

  • Pajama Pants by Ralph Lauren

  • Scarf by Ralph Lauren

  • Travel Duffle by Everlane

  • Bottle of wine for your hosts. (If you like white, opt for a Chardonnay; reds, try a Pinot Noir) in a Wine Tote by Built.

  • Travel Shaving Kit by The Art of Shaving

Got big plans to dapper up this Thanksgiving that we didn’t cover here? Share them in the comments below and we’ll offer up some outfit advice.

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4 thoughts on “Three Ways to Look Sharp This Thanksgiving”

  1. Zack says:

    Got any specific suggestions on color and material for the Everlane weekender bag?

    What do you guys think would be the most versatile&timeless bag of their current collection?

    1. Black Lapel says:

      You’re smart to think this way, Zack. Invest in quality stuff, not trendy stuff (note: there’s a difference between trendy and “on trend.” For instance, suede bags may be on trend, but it’s not trendy, it’s been around for centuries and it’s not going anywhere).

      You can’t go wrong with any of the colors they offer for this bag, Zack. The dark brown suede version is probably a teensy bit more versatile, but it’s minor. Go with one of these and you run absolutely no risk of anybody seeing you and saying “that’s so last year.”

      1. Zack says:

        Thanks for the reply! Just found your article on best travel bags as well and I also quite like the Abingdon Weekender as a choice. May I ask the same question again for that bag? Which would you choose as the most versatile, even by a little bit? Khaki/deep olive/dark navy from J Crew’s website or the brown one on Mr. Porter?

        Sorry for the constant questions. Also just signed up for the Black Lapel newsletter so I can get more of these great articles more often! Thanks!

        1. Black Lapel says:

          Glad you’re in the email loop now, Zack.

          As for the bag, we enjoy matching our briefcases to our outfits we wear everyday. That said, we’re guessing you don’t have time to fret over whether or not the travel bag you pull out a few times a year matches the outfit you’re wearing for your travels. That’s why we like the khaki bag from J.Crew.

          None of these bags are going to clash with anything in your closet, though. In fact, we’d like to see what would happen if some school marm-like style nerd wagged his finger at you because he thought your weekend bag clashed with your outfit. If he stepped to us like that he’d likely be ending his vacation with a trip to the ER.

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