Q: “I fly a lot but never check my bags. I recently started wet shaving but TSA won’t let me carry on my safety razors, got any good options for upgrading my cartridge shaving game when I’m traveling?” Wes T.

Even the most die-hard traditionalist ought to have a shaving plan B for situations when a safety razor or straight razor won’t work. You can get around the TSA rules by carrying small packages. For an all-in-one travel kit with specially sized products that can be carried on to any flight try the Art of Shaving Travel Kit & Razor (pictured above) for $170. If that sounds a little pricey, you can pare down to a minimalist travel kit with TSA approved products like we’ve outlined below:

  1. Travel Sized Beard Destroyer Shave Cream – $8.00
  2. Travel Shave Brush – $18.00
  3. The Winston Razor – $20.00

 Got any questions or suggestions on keeping your shave close when on the road or in the air? Share in the comments below!