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The Blended Blazer

The Blended Blazer

A linen blazer sounds like a frivolous choice. Isn’t linen a purely summer fabric that should be saved for the South of France and other such exotic locales? Who’s got room in their closet for such a sartorial mono-tasker? Not us. If we’re going to get a blazer we better be able to wear the hell out of that bad boy for at least two seasons of the year. Enter the wool-linen blazer. Blend the coolness of a linen blazer with the versatility and durability of a traditional wool jacket and you get what could easily become your favorite part of your warm weather wardrobe. Here’s how to incorporate these blended blazers into your look this spring and summer.

Blended Blazer Looks

The Khaki Linen Blend Blazer

When most people picture a linen blazer, they’re picturing a khaki jacket like this one. They’re just picturing it all wrinkled up which, to be fair, is how a pure linen blazer usually looks. This blended version retains the roughness of a linen sport jacket without looking as wrinkled as Yoda’s 800-year-old upper lip. This jacket is great for scooting around Rome on a Vespa but it works just fine even if you’re just scooting in next to a cutie at a sidewalk cafe in Brooklyn.

The Light Blue Linen Blend Blazer

Say the words “blue blazer” and visions of navy jackets on prep school lads come to mind. But school is out this summer and it’s time to add some lightness (and some linen) to the blue blazer. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, as we’ve done here. The only color matching to worry about here is matching the color of this jacket with the bright blue summer skies. Follow this simple advice and the sun will shine on you all day long.

The Marine Blue Linen Blend Blazer

Even though we’ve suggested light colors for your seasonal wardrobe, there are times when you want to dim it down a bit. So, even though the majority of spring/summer blazers are lighter, you’re not exclusively condemned to a life of vibrance. Enter marine blue; the perfect solution to those who prefer a little darkness in their wardrobe, but still want to try and make it to the office without sweating enough to fill a kiddie-pool.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for where (and how) to wear one of these blended blazers. So the next time you want to step up a your summer style, don’t sweat it, just reach for one of these bad boys.

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3 thoughts on “The Blended Blazer”

  1. Gavin says:

    Yeah, the Delancey blue windwpane is rockstar good. I am usually opposed to wearing blazers with jeans (like Al Pacino said to Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco, this ain’t no rodeo), but I think this one could work with some well fitting jeans. Besides that, though, would definitely look good with chinos or wool pants. Great color!

    1. Black Lapel says:

      First of all, you get a gold star for the Donnie Brasco reference, Gavin!

      Also, we agree, the Delancey definitely works with chinos or wool pants. It’s a really versatile pattern so pairing with it is half the fun of wearing it. Glad you liked it.

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