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Suiting Up JEREMY LIN for TIME 100 Red Carpet Gala

In these past few weeks, the Black Lapel team had the honor and privilege of getting to know Jeremy Lin on a personal basis.  And of course, we also had the privilege of making him some fresh custom clothes.  But first, let us share a couple of observations:

1)  At 23, only a person as humble and down to earth as Jeremy would be able to handle the Linsanity craze that has occurred in this past year.  Jeremy is every bit as genuine, kind, thoughtful and well-intentioned in person as he is in post-game press conferences, interviews, etc…if not even more so.

2)  The media frenzy of Jeremy Lin may have subsided from its peak levels during February of 2012, but the era of Jeremy Lin is just beginning.  No matter how far his talent takes him in the NBA, Jeremy will achieve greatness and be extraordinarily influential not just because of his physical prowess but because of his character, which is built upon faith, dedication, drive and determination.

3)  While Jeremy has good taste, he doesn’t have the slightest clue when it comes to getting dressed up.

So that’s where we came in, to make sure that from now on, he is as well-dressed as he is well-mannered.

Jeremy was selected as one of the 2012 TIME 100 Most Influential People in the world.  It’s a tremendous honor and an extreme rarity for a professional athlete.  Given that he would be mingling with some of the most influential people in the world, he called us up before the event asking us to make sure he would:

Stay fresh on the red carpet…

Look certifiably fit hanging with Dr. Oz…

Source: 2012 Kevin Mazur

Look sartorially righteous when he was breaking bread with The Cardinal…

Source: 2012 Kevin Mazur

Be scholarly chic when discussing Ivy League matters with the Tiger Mom…

Source: @AmyChua

Be politically presentable when he was shaking hands with the Secretary of State…

Source: 2012 Kevin Mazur

Jeremy is as solid a guy as they come and simply oozed class and charm in his Black Lapel suit.  So we won’t hold it against him for crashing our site within 5 minutes of tweeting and posting about the suit.  Stay classy Jeremy and godspeed on your recovery.

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17 thoughts on “Suiting Up JEREMY LIN for TIME 100 Red Carpet Gala”

  1. JeremyC says:

    Thats pretty siiiicckk!!!

  2. Lifen says:

    it is so excited to know it. congradulation ! Keep up the good faith . God bless all of you.

  3. Jovan Gauthier says:

    Hm, only problem I can see is that the collar is standing off his neck a little. If he gets that problem corrected by a tailor and you can take note of it, he’ll have even better fitting suits from now on.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Jovan, sharp eyes and good catch man! His shirt collar is standing up a
      little because he forgot to smooth out his tie under his collar. Rookie
      mistake! We’ll need to introduce him to a full time stylist! =)

  4. Yuiane7 says:

    look like designer Jason Wu, I don’t like so much, I prefer J-Lin on a little bigger suit, just a little, than this one. that will still styling, elegant

  5. Alice Wu says:

    One question — has J been wearing Black Lapel since the fist day he watched the game in suit?

    1. Black Lapel says:

      At present time, Jeremy owns two Black Lapel suits and a handful of our shirts. The two suits are the Charcoal Herringbone and the Gray Glen Check. The latter isn’t available on the website yet but it can be ordered via email. We think he has another suit that he wore once or twice before he got himself some Black Lapel. We don’t think he’s gone back to the other suit since getting himself some Black Lapel.

  6. Julia Tseng says:

    Jeremy looked great and vividly. You guys did a good job! May Buddha bless you all!

  7. KillaSuit says:

    His suit looks a little “ill-fitting” in the first red carpet picture. His suit pants are all bunched up at the bottom. Not a good look.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Yup – NBA athletes… you know how it is. Jeremy’s still transitioning his style and we didn’t want to shock his sensibilities too much. Its a little like trying to get a kid to stop biting his nails. We’re looking at you Lebron.

  8. Wells Amy says:

    Love his suit. Will he allow you to change his style of clothing? I like his sloppy cloth in the past. 🙂 Nevertheless, he looks fabulous in BL suit. Great job.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Thanks! Yes, Jeremy’s definitely got a very casual look from his time growing up and playing ball on the West Coast. But he is graduating his style and adopting a more grown up look now that he’s a bit older and balLIN in NYC!

  9. Jvenator says:

    Congrats to you guys for getting one of your suits on a great guy, and to Jeremy for his recent success and getting to look good in a BlackLapel suit.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Thanks man! We love Jeremy and can’t wait to see him suited up next year in a uniform!

  10. Jay Song says:

    He’s such a great guy. He looks amazing. Great jobs guys! Isn’t it so awesome that he literally took you with him on that monumental night, meeting all those great people (e.g., Hilary Clinton). You know the First Lady saw how sharp Jeremy looked – and just had to go meet him.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Indeed, we’re still intimidated from “meeting” the tiger mom. Have to go study for Fall Fabrics 101 now…

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