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The Blue Blazer Perfected

Perfecting The Modern Blue Blazer

Confession time. As much as we’ve worked to bring innovation to the way men get clothes, we’re still traditionalists. We believe in the classics like the sharply tailored suit and the expertly turned out tuxedo. But sometimes the classics can use a little updating.

The Blue Blazer Reimagined

Of course, when people try updating a classic they often ruin it. But one proven method for a successful re-imagining of a classic is to mash up two classics. What happens when you take the New Testament of the bible and mash it up with sci-fi action flicks? You get The Terminator.

So when we set out to create the quintessential blazer, we followed this tried and true path. We took our favorite elements from the classic navy blue blazer and the more relaxed characteristics of an old-school sport jacket and mashed them up. The result is the Navy Blue Hopsack Blazer, the first blazer we’ve ever made to the standards of our Savoy Line of made-to-measure garments. Here’s how we did it.

Perfecting The Modern Blue Blazer

How to Wear The New Blue Blazer

What do you get when you mash up these two classics? Something incredibly wearable. So how do you wear this blue blazer? To be frank, you pretty much can’t screw this one up. We paired it with a pair of white chinos and a sport shirt for a look that is either weekday casual and weekend dressy, depending on your mood. You can reimagine it many ways. Here are some of our favorites:

blue blazer with sweater and jeans

with a lightweight crew neck sweater and jeans for those transitional days of spring,

blue blazer with gingham dress shirt and linen pants

with a light blue gingham dress shirt and breathable dress slacks for summer, or

blue blazer with white oxford dress shirt and brown corduroys

with golden brown corduroys and a white, button-down oxford shirt as the first cool breezes of fall come in.

With all of the possibilities for work and play, the biggest challenge won’t be how to wear this jacket, but how to give it a break.


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3 thoughts on “The Blue Blazer Perfected”

  1. Rakshit says:

    I don’t like wearing a shirt with my blue blazer, infact any blazers I have. So what are the other choices I could have to wear with a blue blazer.
    I have a round collared woolen t-shirt off white in colour that looks good with it. What are the other choices?

    1. Black Lapel says:

      T-shirts, turtelenecks, crew neck sweaters, these can all be stylish when you’re wearing a blazer. It’s more a matter of appropriateness. We focus, here, on situations where a collared shirt would be appropriate, but feel free to experiment with other tops. Just don’t let us catch you with no shirt at all under your blazer.

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