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Men: Learn How To Dress Sexy

Learn How To Dress Sexy

Ask most men to describe the women they’re attracted to and the word “sexy” comes up again and again.

But most guys don’t put much thought, or effort, into being sexy. The first rule of attraction is like attracts like. So if you want sexy, be sexy. Start by learning how to dress the part. Even though dressing sexy is an idea usually applied to women, according to the women we talked to, men can, and should, learn how to dress sexy.

To help, our ace reporter (who happens to be female) got together a panel of single ladies and got them talking about what gets them going. The resulting conversation was laden with tips about how to dress sexy and we recorded the whole thing. Listen up, guys, because you can learn a thing or two (and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, now’s the time to put all of this learning to use).

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Men: Learn How to Dress Sexy

Amy is part of the young tech startup scene but she’s not just another Tinder swiper. She goes on real dates with people she’s actually met in-person.

Jenna is in PR and is the quintessential girl who knows everyone. Dress badly in front of her and you might get a bad reputation all over town, but if you know how to dress sexy, she might just make you her little secret.

Melanie keeps up with the wolves of Wall Street in banking, and she doesn’t cut them any slack when it comes to dressing well either.

Men: Learn How to Dress Sexy

Meg is a Nurse by day, but when she’s not surrounded by men in scrubs she keeps an eye out for men that look like they know how to take care of themselves.

Karen is a high-end Real Estate Agent, so she’s around men who know how to dress sexy. She knows what men should be wearing to close the deal.

Let’s start with the first thing they say most women
notice about how men are dressed, their shoes.
Is there such a thing as a sexy shoe for a man?

Melanie – I think you’re right about noticing shoes first. I’m thinking about all the shoes I notice and they’re all those boots…Chelsea boots. I think they look good with everything and it’s an easy way to look stylish. Having style is sexy.
Jenna – Wearing the right shoes for what you’re doing is important. I hate boat shoes. Unless you’re literally on a boat I don’t want to see them.

Listen Up:
Lame shoes can ruin all sex appeal.
If you’re not sure how to pick out stylish shoes,
start with these five essentials

What should every guy have in his
arsenal if he wants to look sexy?

Amy – A well-tailored suit, to state the obvious. If it’s not tailored, it looks like you’re back in high school or you can’t afford a good suit yet. Which is expensive, right?

It doesn’t have to be expensive to fit well.

Amy – Well then it’s a necessity. Every girl has a little black dress, every guy needs a well-tailored suit.

Listen Up:
A suit is a traditionally sexy,
powerful thing for a man to wear,
but make sure it fits.

So say you are going on a nice date with someone.
What would you want them to wear?

Amy – The last date I went on wore a white button down, jeans with a belt and brown shoes. But then, being a startup dude, he put on a zip-up hoodie as his jacket. We’re leaving and he puts it on and I was like no way. That kind of ruined his outfit.

Listen Up:
There is a time and place for athletic wear.
A night out with a date is neither.
This poor guy’s decision to wear a hoodie on a date totally changed his level of attractiveness.

About those jeans, what are guys doing right and wrong in that department?

Amy – Yeah, well I think they should always be dark jeans.  And I like ripped jeans.

Jenna (to Amy)Really? Like how much rippage?

Amy – Just subtle rips. What’s hot right now is the knee thing. So ripped a little at the knee.

Jenna – I’m learning so much about you right now. (Laughs.) I also like when men’s jeans are a little tight. I think it’s a sign of maturity when guys are comfortable with wearing slightly tight pants and know that’s a better option than baggy pants. Did you not read those Kanye West tweets (see the 8th) I sent you , Amy? “I made it so we can wear tight jeans.”

Listen Up:
We’re not saying you have to wear
skinny jeans to look sexy,
but well-fitting jeans are more flattering than loose ones.

Note: At this point the wine came out and we really loosened up.

Now, what about when those jeans come off? What do you want to see underneath? Boxers, briefs?

Meg –Well the last time someone took their pants off was a while ago.


Melanie – Boxer briefs.

Amy –Boxer briefs.

Jenna – Boxer briefs.

Karen – Boxer briefs.

Listen Up:
Loose-fitting boxers with printed bananas on them are not sexy. And we only recommend briefs if you look like you could be featured in a Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani ad.

What type of cologne or scent is sexy?

Karen – I actually know the best cologne that someone in my office wears. I’ll text him now, I forget the name. And for all the guys who read this article, it’s going to get you laid. I’ll let you know in a few. It’s a game changer.

Meg – I love when you get in an elevator and can smell an attractive guy’s cologne.

Karen –Yeah it’s good when it lingers on them all day. Oh! He answered. It’s called Le Labo. He said you can get it at Barneys, it’s $160, but definitely a good investment. He said there’s different scents, but he wears Patchouli 24.

Listen Up:
Did you catch that, guys?
If you really knock it out of the park with your cologne choice, she may even ask you what you’re wearing.
That means she’s intrigued.

So we covered a lot.

Melanie – Oh you know what we didn’t talk about? The bags men carry.

Meg – That’s a big one for me. They need the right accessory for their shit. No backpacks, and don’t stuff everything into your pants pockets. That looks bad. A good wallet is major too. When he pulls it out to pay, I definitely look at it.

So what have we learned? Having style, by and large, is sexy, it’s that simple. Sexy style will land you more dates and more chances to put that sexy style to work. (It’s a virtuous circle!) Looking for some outfits that check all the boxes the ladies talked about above? Check out our Dos and Don’ts of Dressing For A Dinner Date.

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