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7 Things Your Cufflinks Say About You

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Cufflinks have gotten a bad rap. Too many people think of the kind of over-the-top, gaudy cufflinks you see on blinged out fops trying to show off. But cufflinks come from a much more modest place.We tend to think of cufflinks as an old school look. But the history of the cufflink is surprisingly short. Since their history is joined (literally) to the history of men’s dress shirts, specifically, the rise of the starched cuff, cufflinks didn’t come into fashion until the end of the 19th Century. For 50 years most middle- or upper-class men regularly wore cufflinks to hold his dress shirts together. That may be the issue. Those guys wore them so well, cufflinks have been stuck, in the minds of many, in that era.

But for the modern man, cufflinks are just another way to add some personality to your style. Cufflinks don’t broadcast, they subtly, quietly add charm. A pair of cufflinks can signal not just elegance, but also speak volumes about the wearer. What exactly do they say? That depends.

Here we break down the new set of links from Black Lapel and what they say about you when you wear them. Each of the cufflinks provides the same silver circular setting to a variety of colors and materials that each make their own individual statements.

I’m not afraid to
get my hands dirty.

People don’t expect to see wood in a place reserved for precious metals. But you’re not really into the whole “precious” thing, are you? Stay rugged. Stay cuffed.

Wood Grain Inner Circle Cufflinks


Trust me, I am a rock.

If gravitas is what you’re after, look no further than a pair of stony gray cufflinks. Nothing says solid, stable and steady like gray. Setting a swatch of gray silk inside a pair of cufflinks shows that you not only exude stability, you exalt it.

Crosshatch Gray Inner Circle Cufflinks


I’m comfortable with my manhood.

You used to think pink was for girls. Then you turned 10. Now that you’ve ditched the schoolboy mentality, you’ve come to realize that grown men should have no qualms about wearing pink, the only question was how to do it.
One word: cufflinks.

Geometric Pink Inner Circle Cufflinks


Go ahead, look.

If you are a shrinking violet, these cufflinks are not for you. But if you’re the type of guy who wants to add a bit of punch to your look, then you’ll be well served by a pair of bright green cufflinks like these.

Dotted Green Inner Circle Cufflinks


Not a problem.

These links radiate quiet confidence.
Set against any color of jacket, these cufflinks stand out for their depth
of color and texture. And depth, by the way, is not a bad word to be associated with. Start here.

Linear Maroon Inner Circle Cufflinks

In a past life,
I was royalty.

Purple, the color of kings, is also an extremely wearable color for those without regal lineage. Pair it with most blues or any shade of gray and you’ll see that there aren’t many looks that
wouldn’t look better with a little bit of the royal treatment.

Linear Purple Inner Circle Cufflinks


Everybody chill out.

Even on the cloudiest day, with these cufflinks on your wrists, blue skies are always close by. When the pressure’s
on and a positive attitude is required, strap these on to remind yourself to keep things light.

Dotted Blue Inner Circle Cufflinks

Already a cufflinks wearer?
What do your cufflinks say about you? Is it accurate?
Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “7 Things Your Cufflinks Say About You”

  1. William Wright says:

    I have worn cuff links (and French Cuffs) since I was in sixth grade. We had to dress up for school and this was my way of proclaiming my style points. Also, back then Van Heusen made boys dress shirts in a multitude of color. As I’ve grown older, most notably since high school, I think my cuff links have stated that I’m a no-nonsense type of guy who likes dressing sharp (you’ll find me in a tuxedo or with a bow tie on most all the times I’m dressed up) and who likes to be thought of as a man who can get things accomplished, but that I don’t rush into things like a charging bull. Also, many of the femme persuasion have said my French Cuffs as well as my bow ties show that I am not one to be an exception but be aggressive and that I go my own way as opposed to following the usual mens clothing.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      That’s saying a lot! But that’s the way it should be when you’ve got such a long a storied love affair with cufflinks. Keep ’em cuffed, William.

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