Spring is in full swing. And unless your home address contains the word “Winterfell”, this should be your cue from Madre Naturaleza for some full-on color-play. Last week, we showed you how to raise your pattern and color game in the context of shirts and ties. This week, we’ll show you how you can introduce accents of color into your outfits in the form of some more unconventional elements.

So turn up your monitor’s brightness because we’re about to get colorful in here. Let’s dive in, feet first:


1. Accent Color Socks

Do us a favor and forget the proverbial rules of matching your socks to your slacks for a second. And before you yell “sacrilege!” and start googling “rule for matching socks to trousers”, let’s set a small caveat: If you’re going for a formal look or dressing up for an interview, you’re probably going to want to stick to the old adage of matching your black socks with a black suit and navy socks with a navy suit. But for the rest of us, this is the season to flash a splash of color on your ankle and take your outfit from CPA-boring to pure iridescent irreverence. Spin that color wheel and match your socks with your tie, pocket square, shirt, or nothing at all.

Where to get it:

Nice Laundry

Happy Socks

Sock it To me


2. Accent Color Shoelaces

Looking for a low effort way to get the ladies to look you up and down? Look no further than color shoelaces to keep those eyes moving. Simply remove your old laces and swap them out with a pair of colorful laces to turn a serious pair of dress shoes into a playful punch of personality. Coordinating it with the rest of the outfit’s color scheme is rather simple—match with one color element of your outfit such as the color of a pocket square or just keep the rest of the outfit put-together and muted and let the bright laces talk. If you do decide to match it with another piece in your outfit, keep it a few hues off (e.g. pair purple shoe laces with a lighter lavender color pair of socks) for a sophisticated match.

Where to get it:

Stolen Riches



3. Accent Color Tie Bar

We’ve covered tie bars before (and specifically, how and where to wear them). However, we never mentioned these little clasped beauties in the context of disrupting the very color paradigms of an outfit. In fact, most men, when they think of a tie bar will probably be seeing silver or gold. However, thanks to companies like thetiebar, you can now turn these bars into little pops of blue, red, and almost every conceivable color to shake up the color scheme of an entire suited look.

Where to get it:



4. Accent Color Lapel Flower

Yes, we just said flower, and no, there is nothing unmasculine about fastening a flower to your lapel. In fact statesmen, poets, and even soldiers have been fastening boutonnieres to their lapels for centuries. That’s what the functioning buttonhole on your lapel is built for. And don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you to hit up your local florist to pick up fresh carnations for your next suit-and-tie getup for the office. Wearing a real rose on your chest may look a bit out-of-place for your next date (unless of course that date is taking place at a prom…or a wedding… or you’re the patriarch of a crime family). So we’re going to suggest something with a little more sartorial versatility and longevity than an actual flower—crochet lapel flowers. They’re a bit smaller and come in a variety of bright colors making them a perfect candidate for turning an otherwise standard look into one that’s spring-approved.

Where to get it:


Kent Wang

The Cordial Churchman

5. Accent Color Stitching

Of course, we saved the best for last. There’s nothing like an accent of color custom-stitched right onto your custom suit. Sometimes a sliver of color on the boutonniere or functioning buttonholes of your sleeve can be all the accent of color your outfit needs to add that coup de grâce to your look. It also has the added punch of showing the world that your suit is probably one that they can’t find on the racks of some department store, but is in fact, cut, tailored and colored, exclusively just for you.

Where to get it:

Black Lapel


When it comes down to wearing accent colors, it’s more about how you wear that pop of color rather than whether it coordinates seamlessly with your outfit. Don’t do too many of them at a time. Don’t over think it, and above all, smile and have fun with it. In the end, that’s the point isn’t it?

And if you noticed a couple new suits in the mix above, you must be a true Black Lapel fan. Those are indeed a sneak preview of our of our spring collection, coming soon.

Got questions or ideas on introducing accent colors to your outfits? Leave a comment below!