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Bringing the XY Back to Suspenders

After seeing your story on suspenders I went looking for some and I noticed that some suspenders make an X shape in the back, not the Y shape I was expecting. What’s the dif? – Alan B.

Bringing the XY back to suspenders

There is one major difference between Y-back (above center) and X-back (above left) suspenders, Alan. Y-back are more formal, while X-back should be saved for more casual looks. When tailors sew suspender buttons into dress pants, those buttons go in the center of the back of the pants. That means X-backs are usually clip-on style.

If you like the X-back style, but want the look of button on suspenders try classic brands like Filson that make button on suspenders for outdoorsmen with an X-back (above right). Pair these rugged, throwback style suspenders with a flannel shirt and you’ll look like the kind of guy who catches his own dinner (even if all you can catch is a sale at the fish counter in the supermarket).

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2 thoughts on “Bringing the XY Back to Suspenders”

  1. joseph disko says:

    i wear suspenders they’re a must and they’re classy

    1. Black Lapel says:

      With you there. We stay suspended around Black Lapel.

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