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Did you feel that breeze today? That was no summer wind, friends, that was the crisp air of fall making it’s way to a street near you (that is, for you Northern Hemisphere guys). Fall means changing colors, changing temps and changing your wardrobe…a little.

Fall presents a unique sartorial challenge. The temperatures will start to dip a bit and sometimes, unpredictably – it’ll test the versatility of your wardrobe. The air might be cool and windy but the sun still shines through, so it’s warm during the day but much cooler at night. You need to stay suited up for work but the typical suit and shirt combo might not be warm enough. At the same time, it’s not yet time to don the overcoat or a trench. What’s a well-dressed man to do?

Layer. The thin layers of fall is the smartest way to warm up a suit and tie look. We’ve rounded up three looks for three different types of guys. Each has a unique personality, unique style, and now, a unique way to add a layer of warmth without sacrificing style.

You may be a stone cold negotiator, you may have ice in your veins when you have to make tough business decisions, but there’s no reason you should freeze your ass off on the way to the office.

Add a richly hued, merino wool V-neck to a gray suit for an uber-classy look. This look will not only keep you warm, it’s appropriate in both business formal and business casual settings. Just remember to keep the sweater neutral, like the taupe one featured here and use accessories to dash your outfit with color – i.e., your tie or pocket square.

Why it Works: A merino wool sweater like the one featured here is thin, yet warm and soft, yet durable so it makes an ideal layering fabric.

You’re a business man, but maybe you’re a business man in a creative field or maybe you’re just a business man who likes to think creatively. So, you believe in good form, but not without good function. And layering up with a puffer vest under your suit is fashion forward, but extremely practical…especially on those windy fall days.

The key to mashing up formal and casual (like this look here) is not to split your look 50/50 but to choose one element of casual wear to mix in with an otherwise formal look. Don’t shy away from ties and pocket squares, hell, even a French cuff shirt would play. All of these more formal touches add interest and make the interplay between the vest and the outfit even stronger. And if you need to revert back to strictly business, just lose the vest.

Why it Works: A thick vest would push against a well-fitting jacket, but a thin one like this works because it doesn’t make you look stuffed inside the jacket.

You’re an artist and a stylish one at that. You know how to effectively convey complex ideas and emotions through different artistic mediums – it might be pictures, graphics or words…but definitely through your clothes as well.

The cardigan sweater is a layering tool that provides ultimate versatility – it’s a creative way to dress down a formal outfit or dress up a casual one. When wearing it under a suit jacket, think of it almost like a vest…but a casual one. Since a cardigan is cut with a lower button stance, it allows you to keep your jacket, shirt and tie as the primary focal points, which means that there’s no limit to what you can do with the colors and patterns of your outfit.

Why it Works: The buttons on the front of this sweater and jacket, along with a polka-dot tie create a repeating circle motif that helps tie together the various colors and keeps the look fun.


Find Yourself – Shop The Looks

If you see some of yourself above, here’s where to get the goods.

The Strictly Business man wears a Charcoal Gray Custom Suit, Charcoal Lavender Striped Tie and a White Solid Twill Weave Custom Dress Shirt, all by Black Lapel. Sweater by Uniqlo.

The Business Creative man wears a Charcoal Gray Custom Suit, by Black Lapel. Tie by Brooks Brothers. Pocket Square by Everett. Vest by Uniqlo.

The Strictly Creative man wears a Navy Blue Custom Blazer a Blue Solid Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt and a Solid White Pocket Square by Black Lapel. Tie by Burma Bibas. Sweater by Uniqlo.

Which one of these guys most represents you? Leave a comment below with how you’re planning to layer up this fall.


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