You want to crush your competition with your office pool picks without slacking off at. Learn how to find the best of both worlds below.

Participating in a March Madness pool makes watching the games even more fun. But watching the games, especially the early rounds, often requires a little planning since many take place during the week and during the day. Here are three popular ways people keep on top of what’s going on in the tournament.


1. The Time Suck…
Streaming the Games

For those who don’t want to miss a second of the action, the NCAA streams every game of the tournament live.

Impact on Your Productivity: High – Let’s face it, time spent watching games is time lost at work.

Fun Level: High – There’s no denying, the games are a lot of fun to watch.

2. The Black Lapel Way…
Downloading an app

Check Thuuz, an app that uses an algorithm to alert you to the key moments of games as they happen and finds the best highlights.

Impact on your Productivity: Low – Since Thuuz only calls your attention to the important parts of games, the interruptions won’t eat up your whole day.

Fun Level: High – See the parts everybody’ll be talking about, skip the less interesting stuff.


3. The Lazy Way…
Following on Twitter

Outsource keeping up with the games to social media and follow the official NCAA March Madness Twitter account or the ESPN College Basketball Twitter account.

Impact on your Productivity: Minimal – You’re in charge of when you check Twitter and as long as you avoid trigger thumb and don’t start scrolling through a million Tweets, you’ll be up to speed on scores in seconds.

Fun Level: Low – There’s just something uninspiring about reducing the beauty of the tournament down to 140 characters.