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Ask any stylish jetsetter and he’ll tell you that style extends beyond what you travel in to what you travel with. Just as a sharp tie can accentuate and complete your professional outfit, a smart and stylish travel bag can elevate any travel get-up into a head-turner. From the classic duffel to the light and elegant tote, we break down four of our favorite travel bags. So whether you’re headed to the shore line, lake front or cliff side, the following are our favorite picks for that business trip or weekend getaway:

The Duffel Bag


The most familiar trip bag after the wheeled carry-on, the duffel is one of the most versatile and casual staples in the lineup. Designed to be durable and simple, the classic duffel is perfect when you’re looking for maximum carry room without any frills. If you want something fancier and more formal looking, go with a leather duffel.  If you want something more casual, go with a canvas duffel. Regardless, a duffel bag is a worthy investment great for both everyday and on-the-go usage. Think work to gym, gym to work, work to the Hamptons.

We Like: 

– Abingdon Weekend Duffel  (via Jcrew)
Jack Spade Mill Leather Wayne Duffel Bag (via ParkandBond)

Suggested Destinations: 

– The Hamptons, New York 
– San Francisco, California 
– Las Vegas, Nevada


The Holdall



The holdall is an evolved version of the classic duffel. The modern holdall usually comes with a rectangular base, two handles and a more stylish or refined leather/cloth exterior making it the perfect carry-on to fly all your manssentials while turning a few heads en route. This structure of this bag equates to large storage capacity making it an ideal candidate for that longer, mid-summer trip.

One of our favorites by Jean Shop was voted the best bag of the year by GQ and for good reason. The superior leather is only matched by its immaculate stitching seen in all of Jean Shop’s famous raw denim jeans.

We Like: 

– Jean Shop Leather Holdall (via MRPORTER)
– The Weekender Bag from Everlane (via Everlane)

Suggested Detinations:

– Phuket, Thailand
– Cuzco, Peru
– Prague, Czech Republic


The Backpack / Ruck


The symbolic bag of the student, the backpack is graduating beyond campuses to stylish professional looking for maximum utility and versatility during brief escapades. Don’t be afraid to rock a blazer and disrupt a few style archetypes by strapping on one of these bad boys packed with your weekend survival gear. Summer camping trip? This will hold a change of clothes and a bottle of whiskey. Vegas bachelor party? This will hold…well, this will hold whatever you need for that weekend of crazy stories.

We Like: 

– Hershel Little America Backpack (via ASOS)

Suggested Destinations:

– Faro, Portugal
– Maui, Hawaii 
– Cairo, Egypt 


The Tote

The modern equivalent to the man’s briefcase. The tote is a very fashion-forward looking travel item and given the tired stigma of “man purse”, it’s not meant for the faint of heart. Where it falls a bit light on the storage department, it makes up for with its sleek elegance, making it one the boldest statement bags for those bold enough to rock it. Take a note from one of the manliest style icons and give it a shot for your next trip.

We Like: 

– Hartsfield Weekend Tote (via Park and Bond)

Suggested Destinations:

– Florence, Italy
– Tokyo, Japan
– New York City


The window to travel this season is closing. But whatever the season or reason, travel often. Better yet, make it a lifestyle. Whether it be with your significant other, a group of buddies or straight dolo, create new and lasting memories in different places. It’s enriching and it’s fun. Do it in style.

Feel free to share your personal favorite travel bags in the comments if we’ve didn’t mention them. If you have any questions about bags, travel, style or all the above, email us at and we’d be happy to chat!




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