Best Tech Trends For Men

We go through more than just fashion trends here at Black Lapel. Trends find their way into much more than men’s style. Tech trends seem to be popping up every day, usually sparked by some fancy new app technology. But if you follow every tech trend you’ll end up with a hundreds of devices each overloaded with thousands of apps. Much like dressing well, living well is another top priority of ours.

Instead of using technology as a way of life, we’re sharing how we use our favorite tech trends to better our lives. Here’s a short list of our favorite tech trends and apps for men that help us lead more productive, interesting, convenient, and gentlemanly lifestyles.

Tech Trends For Dressing Better


The stylish gentleman’s Mecca of apps for all things style and lifestyle related. From an all-inclusive Handbook to personal shopping, this app is fashion and technology trends fused together quite beautifully.

When curated properly, your Pinterest feed can become the ultimate photo scroll for style envy. Turn style envy into style inspiration by re-pinning and organizing your favorites.

A closet organizer to keep your outfit game on point, on schedule, and not on repeat. Catalog everything in your wardrobe and become a pro and mixing and matching your favorite suit separates.

Tech Trends For Keeping Your Buzz


This wouldn’t be a Compass post of we didn’t mention whiskey, would it? This app or, “Your whiskey companion”, rates thousands of different whiskeys for the whiskey snob in you.

Mixed drinks to make based on what’s already in your bar. Great for all of those upcoming holiday parties.

Alcohol delivery in a growing number of cities across the U.S. They make recommendations, judge the amount of alcohol you’ll need for an event, or come in handy for sending someone a happy birthday bottle. Pro Tip: Case discounts available.

Tech Trends For Staying Smart


Reading makes you smarter, and with this app you can keep track of how far you’ve come since shamelessly reading “50 Shades of Grey.” You can also check-in on what your smartypants friends are reading. P.S. This app only tracks your reading, so a complementary reading app, like Kindle, is required.

Helpful for not losing your mind, keeping track of your shi*t across your devices, and the keeper for your budding ideas.

You shouldn’t say you ‘read the news’ if you really only skim the headlines. Legitimately read up with comprehensive breaking news from around the world. Culture, man.

Tech Trends For Eating Well


Chefs giving you tips on their own favorite restaurants and dishes. After all, who better to tell you where to eat than a chef? Who we follow: Mario Batali, David Chang, Daniel Humm, Anita Lo, Thomas Keller and Dale Talde.

Like Mixology, but for your fridge. Satisfy your next craving based on what you already have at home with hundreds of recipes you didn’t know were possible.

Discover foodie hot spots based on location, cuisine, and price range. This app is merging with Zomato to become an even bigger advocate for your undying hunger.

Tech Trends For Everything Else In Life


Because living without unlimited music isn’t living, and office vibes are important.

Reviews can make or break a business these days, so we thought we’d give a shameless plug shout-out to our 5 Star review curator.

Because coffee is getting too expensive to keep saying, ‘Don’t worry about it.’

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What tech trends are you using to better your lifestyle? Comment below and let us know!

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