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What To Pack For A Trip This Summer

What To Pack For A Trip This Summer
French Blue Check Custom Blazer by Black Lapel, White Solid Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt by Black Lapel, Weekender Bag in Bison Scotch Leather by Saintly, White Slim-Fit Chino Pants by Uniqlo

Every year, around this time, we start getting asked about what to pack for a trip. People start booking flights and hitting the road and nobody wants to get halfway to their destination to realize they left something crucial off of the vacation packing list.

Now, to be clear, when men ask us about what to pack for vacation, it’s because they’re planning a vacation to a place where they’re more likely to pack a tailored suit than a bathing suit. They’re asking about what to wear to a summer wedding or what to pack for a trip where they plan to explore a new city or what to wear in Vegas. So we came up with a vacation packing list of what to pack for a trip to any of our favorite summer getaways.

But just as important as what goes on your vacation packing list is what stays off your list. Nobody wants to be that guy who overpacks and ends up lugging around a bunch of useless clothes.

Here’s the Compass-approved vacation packing list of what to pack and what to leave at home this summer.

Vacation Packing List #1

Vacation Packing List #1
French Blue Check Custom Blazer by Black Lapel

Pack the blazer

A blazer classes up a T-shirt, chills out a dress shirt and, when it’s custom made for you like this one, it keeps you looking sharp day and night. Equipped with tons of interior pockets for carrying around everything from travel documents to show tickets, and appropriate for everything from sightseeing to fine dining, a blazer may just be the most useful thing you pack. Lightweight and linen is your best bet for a summer vacation, like this French Blue Check Custom Blazer.

Leave the business darks

When you’re off duty, you’re freed from the constraints of the business dress codes. So white chinos and lighter, brighter colors like the one in this jacket should play a leading role. Leave the navy blue suit jacket and charcoal gray pants at home.

Vacation Packing List #2

Vacation Packing List #2
Gray Solid Chambray Custom Shirt by Black Lapel

Pack the chambray

Chambray, the lighter weight cousin of denim, is a classic summer fabric. Like a blazer, a chambray shirt can straddle the line between dressy and casual, making it a great addition to your vacation packing list. And since chambray is made by alternating between colored and white yarns, chambray shirt colors have a pastel-tinged quality that gives them a laid back, summer vibe that’s perfect for a little R&R.

Leave the jeans

Heavier and warmer than chambray, denim adds bulk to your summer vacation packing list. If you’re like most guys, you practically live in jeans when you’re off the clock anyway. Why not give your jeans a vacation while you’re out of town? Pack some shorts for during the day and chinos for the evenings and you’re good to go.

The Custom Carrier

Weekender Bag in Florentine Leather by Saintly

Nothing tops off a custom blazer like a custom bag. The one featured here is the All-American weekender in Bison leather, custom made by Saintly Bags. With everything from the size, pocket types, zippers, leathers and lining colors customizable, you can make your bag your own (just like your custom blazer). You can even get one monogrammed. So you’re in charge of your own style. Because it’s not just what you pack, but how you pack it.

Vacation Packing List #3

Vacation Packing List #3

To Boot New York – Clifton (Sigaro) Men’s Slip-on Dress Shoes

Pack the loafers

The word loafer comes from the German landläufer or vagabond. And that’s sort of what we are when we go on vacation. We move from place to place, without care for work and deadlines (and healthy eating habits) like a rolling stone. So it’s no wonder that loafers are the perfect shoe for such activities. As with the above items, loafers are good to go with a casual or dressy look, making them an all-purpose item for the vacation packing list. Or, don’t pack them, wear them through the airport, instead of lace ups, for quicker and easier security checks.

Leave the socks

We’re fans of socks that rock, but when we’re headed out of town for a summer getaway, we leave the hosiery behind. No-show loafer liners are all you’ll need. They help keep your kicks from getting funky even if you’re busy getting funky on the dancefloor.

Vacation Packing List #4

Vacation Packing List #4
Long Handled Safety Razor by Merkur

Pack the razor

The full hiatus beard you see TV actors like Jon Hamm rocking when they’re not on screen isn’t going to come in fully over 4th of July weekend. Unless you’re a championship beard grower, you’ll need to do a little work and planning to get your facial hair from stubble to full beard. Work and planning are just the kinds of things you’re trying to get away from on a vacation. Pack a razor and use it as you normally would.  

Leave the medicine cabinet

Your grooming routine, when you’re on the road, should be like a good movie trailer, all the good stuff but condensed. So instead of bringing a bunch of bottles and jars, grab a couple of multitaskers like the Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer with an SPF of 20 and you’ve got a post shave balm that doubles as a sunscreen.

That’s our vacation packing list essential advice. What about you? Did we skip something you can’t go without? Or is there something you always pack but wish you’d have left? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “What To Pack For A Trip This Summer”

  1. Alex M says:

    Interesting list. A couple solid recommendations between the blazer and chambray caught me off guard also. Of course, making sure to bring a solid pair of sunglasses, and well-fitted shorts should make every guy’s summer vacation packing list as well.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Glad we were able to open your eyes to some new ideas, Alex.

      We’re on board with your additions to the list. Sunglasses are a must for us and we love a good pair of shorts for the summer. Great suggestions.

      Happy traveling!

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