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Street Style – Hanging Out with Black Lapel: The Fine Young Gentleman

Every once in a while, we all become friends with someone who is truly passionate about something in life. That person becomes a go-to resource. When we want to try the best restaurant of a certain cuisine, we ask our foodie friend. When we want to know how to build muscle while lose fat, we ask our fitness friend. Well, to all those who know Justin Jeffers, the man behind The Fine Young Gentleman style blog, you know that you have a go-to friend for questions on style. We explored Central Park with Justin on a gorgeous summer weekend. Justin donned the new Black Lapel Gray Glen Check suit (coming soon!) with a style befitting the title of his blog.

As the news shows you images of a New York City ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, we’d like you to join us for a reminder of how beautiful the City can be.

It was sunny, warm and slightly breezy – a perfect day to walk along Central Park South. So we started by the Apple store on 5th Avenue, where Justin and our co-founder, Warren, sit amidst throngs of tourists to catch up on the latest and greatest.

We move on to The Plaza Hotel lobby where we were able to snap off one lonely but stunning shot of Justin’s sweet duds before security ushered us on our merry way.

As many New Yorkers will tell you, despite being a tourist destination, Central Park can also be a refuge from all the constant hustle and bustle that the City is rightfully notorious for.

Here are a couple of New Yorkers in a unique musical duel – ukelele vs. cigar box guitar.

So, we make our way over to enjoy some greenery while we capture Justin’s get up on film. He likes a well-fitted suit, but nothing aggressively slim. His style can be described as classic with a touch of prep and an abundance of smiling confidence.

Justin complements his Black Lapel Gray Glen Plaid Custom Suit with a solid red knit tie, a patterned silk pocket square, cuff links, red skull and cross-bone suspenders by Paul Stuart and an aircraft engine rosette (lapel pin). Justin brought along his monogrammed tote bag to carry a change of clothes. As you can tell, he likes to look good and always makes sure that he’s having fun with it.

Our final stop brings us to Columbus Circle where Justin changes into some more casual threads: a white oxford shirt, some Nantucket red chinos and a backwards trucker hat. We make a pit stop at the Whole Foods food court for some lunch. The food is just okay, but the company and conversation was superb. Our talks range from personal goals, both sartorial and career-wise, to the adventures of living in the City (pre-Sandy!) and finally, to enjoying each moment of the ride.

To end the day with a splash, Justin decides to roll up his pants and make use of the Columbus Circle water fountains. No matter how stylish you are, there’s no reason why you can’t let your inner kid out every so often.

Want to join us on our next weekend excursion? Get in touch with us at concierge@blacklapel.com!

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2 thoughts on “Street Style – Hanging Out with Black Lapel: The Fine Young Gentleman”

  1. Kyle says:

    I’m just catching up on some old posts here — any idea who makes Justin’s shoes?

    1. Black Lapel says:

      It took a little digging, Kyle, but we got the name of those shoes for you. They are Albemarle Chestnut Burnished Calf Full Brogue From Shipton and Heaneage.

      Many thanks to The Fine Young Gentleman, Justin Jeffers, for helping us find these shoes.

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