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Spring Wedding Suits For Every Guest & Dress Code

three men with blue and gray suits on

Spring is prime wedding season. The light, airy weather makes for some predictable spring wedding trends year after year: floral everything, lavender, light gray and pink, and even “barn chic”. If you’re wondering WTF you would wear to a “barn chic” spring wedding, don’t worry and keep reading. First, we’re starting with the grooms.

Spring Wedding Suits and Tuxedos For Grooms

For grooms, spring wedding suits and tuxedos are a little easier. It’s likely your fiance is guiding your outfit choices and you have some insight into what the wedding is going to look like aesthetically. Take what you can from those cues, and use what’s below to decide how you’re going to look your best on your wedding day.

Spring Casual Dress Code Wedding Attire for Grooms

If your upcoming wedding has an established “casual” or “relaxed” dress code, here’s what you can wear. Keep in mind that as the groom, you don’t want to blend in with what your guests are wearing, but you also don’t want to overshadow the entire wedding. A linen or cotton suit is an excellent choice. Ties are optional.

four men with white and gray suits side by side

Spring Cocktail Wedding Attire for Grooms

For grooms, a spring cocktail attire wedding means a full suit and tie. If that sounds stuffy to you, the suits below are made from a lightweight, wrinkle-resistant wool that’ll help you get through your big day with ease.

gray suits and blue suits on four men

Spring Black Tie Wedding Attire for Grooms

You’ve decided to go big and you’re not going home. You don’t need to immediately default to wearing a full tuxedo—a seasonal dinner jacket in a spring-friendly color and tuxedo pants is a dapper move too.

two men side by side with white tuxedo and blue tuxedo

Spring Wedding Suits and Blazers For Wedding Guests

This is where you can figure out WTF you’re going to wear to that “Barn Chic” wedding. For wedding guests, you need to dress according to the dress code (duh), but consider how you can be more festive with the season by wearing seasonal fabrics like linen or cotton and adding pops of color with your accessories.

Spring Casual Dress Code Attire for Wedding Guests

Even if the wedding invite states casual or relaxed attire, you should still show up in a blazer. Don’t worry about a tie or even dress slacks, but it’s good to have a lightweight blazer by your side for the event.

two men side by side with blazer and pants

Spring Cocktail Attire for Wedding Guests

Spring cocktail attire is a good time to whip out a lightweight blazer and slacks. We recommend a tie for this dress code, too. If you feel limited by the seasonal options in your closet, remember you can always add a bright colored or floral accessory to a basic suit for a good wedding look.

four men with blue pants and linen blazers

Spring Black Tie Wedding Attire for Guests

When you’re the guest at a black tie wedding, you should be wearing a tuxedo and you should be amped about it. A Spring Black Tie wedding? Sounds like a blast to us. You don’t want to out shine the groom, so stick to a black or dark blue tux.

two men side by side with black tuxedos and blue tuxedos

Spring Wedding Suits For The Father Of The Bride

As the father of the bride, you’re allowed to flex on the rest of the wedding guests a little bit. Whether that means dressing down in an impeccable blazer or sporting a clean suit sans tie, the choice is yours. These spring wedding suits and blazers for the father of the bride have class and demand respect.

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  1. Dr. javed kamal says:

    you are providing very nice suits for men.


    Very good lessons

  3. Arjen says:

    The casual dress code has lead to a lazier workforce. I had a manager and mentor that worked from his home office. He came to visit our office one day many years ago. He explained that he woke every morning and dressed in slacks, dress shirt, and blazer. This was his uniform. I had the pleasure a few years later to speak with his wife and confirm the story. I still follow this dress code. Not to say that his is the only way but I always been successful in my career and I greatly respected him. Moral is don”t stoop to the lowest common denominator.

  4. TESLA says:

    Totally wondering the same thing, need to do leather, denim, draperies, slacks, zippers. What can do everything on occasion, make the change fairly simply and not break the bank? Suggestions?

    1. Black Lapel says:

      You lost us a little bit there, but it sounds like you should make a small investment (we’re talking 500 bucks here) in a versatile spring suit. We recommend the Baltic Blue Suit.

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