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Anatomy of a Collection – Fall 2015 Unsuits


At Black Lapel we love suits. But we also love Unsuits, those non-matching tailored sport coat and pants combos that stylish men have been rocking for years. What began as a way to inspire men to pair their separates in new and creative ways became the Unsuits collections.

This fall we were inspired to create a simple set of Unsuits that get the job done. Out of restraint comes creativity, so we held ourselves to one color and played up the tonal element with a straightforward, yet sleek pair of Unsuits.

Introducing The
Gray Birdseye Custom Unsuit

Gray Birdseye Custom Unsuit

Inspired by the mid-toned gray of this sport coat, this Unsuit is perfect for keeping your look cool as the weather starts to cool. A transitional season stalwart, this Unsuit may live in a gray area but make no mistake, it is firmly planted in rakish fall style.

Persian Blue Herringbone Custom Unsuit

Persian Blue Herringbone Custom Unsuit

When playing up tonal differences the tendency is to pick a light and a dark version of the same color, but we wanted to put together a more nuanced combination. Hence, we paired the saturated blue of this sport coat with the darker blue of classic navy slacks. The resulting blue on blue combination provides maximum harmony with minimal effort from the wearer.

Cool, Calm and Collected

With that we wrap up our coverage of the Fall 2015 Collection from Black Lapel. We hope that the insights we shared in this series gave a glimpse into the inspirations behind the brand that is Black Lapel. Still, if you’d like to know more, you can always ask a question about the collection in the comments section below. And if you’d like any help getting anything you’ve seen here made to your measurements and into your own personal collection, email a Black Lapel stylist at concierge@blacklapel.com.


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