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5 Essentials of Men’s Fall Fashion

5 Essentials of Men's Fall Fashion

If you want to master men’s fall fashion, there are five essentials you’ll need in your arsenal. That is not to say that these are the only things that define men’s fall fashion. Quite the opposite.

With thousands of brands coming out with new lines every fall, the term “men’s fall fashion” could include everything from the slightly fall tinged styles of traditional menswear brands to the whacked out looks that you’d find on men’s fall fashion runways that’ll have you scratching your head and wondering “who would wear this stuff?”

When we refer to men’s fall fashion, we’re talking about putting yourself together in a way that shows that you are aligned with the seasons (and the weather) without straying too far from the way you present yourself all year round. Still, there are endless variations and combinations you could put together to put your style in season. We took all of our favorite elements of men’s fall fashion and pared them down to the five essentials you’ll need to make 2015 your most stylish fall yet.

Men’s Fall Fashion Essential #1

Textured Wool

Rivington Dusk Blue Custom Suit
Summer is all crisp and clean with its smooth blues that mimic the uninterrupted sky on those perfect July days when there’s not a cloud to be seen. But when the weather turns cooler the details become more apparent. The skies become dappled with clouds, the leaves go from uniform green to a multitude of shades and your look ought to mimic that change. Take this Rivington Dusk Blue Custom Suit fabric that makes for a stunning suit for fall. With its speckled tones of dark and light, it complements the season (and the wearer) well.

Men’s Fall Fashion Essential #2

Be a Sole Man

The onset of autumn means you’ll want to winterize your footwear. To keep your style intact and add some grip and bulk to your shoes, consider a dressy lug sole, like the Archie from Grenson. They’re a fashionable way to fortify your suited up look, they look great with corduroys or chinos and can even be work with jeans and chunky socks. These all-around shoes bring together just about any look in your arsenal this fall.

Men’s Fall Fashion Essential #3

Heavier Fabrics

Flatiron Blue Fine Check Custom Vest
We know, it may sound like a repeat of the first item on this list, but while the textured look has visual appeal, heavier fabrics like flannels and cashmeres have a more functional purpose. They don’t just look the part of fall fashion, they deliver the kind of warmth that those of us who reside north of the Mason-Dixon line start employing at the beginning of October. Take this Flatiron Blue Fine Check Custom Vest. Worn with a solid suit, this extra layer turns an all-seasonal outfit into a fall approved option and lets you stretch your wardrobe without having to resort to a topcoat during the week. For the weekend, what’s better than a cashmere blend blazer like the Cobble Hill Brown with Burgundy Windowpane Custom Blazer featured here for a getaway to take in the fall foliage?
Cobble Hill Brown with Burgundy Windowpane Custom Blazer

Men’s Fall Fashion Essential #4

Leather Loves Fall

When it’s time to take that trip to the country to check out the fall foliage you’ll be inclined to make a weekend of it. That’s when it’s time to make that weekender bag live up to its name. The All-American Weekender bag from Saintly not only can be customized to your exact specifications but, with its chestnut brown bison leather, it can infuse the perfect amount of autumnal style to your look.

Men’s Fall Fashion Essential #5

Fall Fragrance

Introduce a little bit of leather to your scent as well as your look. The season change means it’s time to change up your scent too. Those fresh, green herbal scents of spring are a distant memory. The summer scents that get you in the mood for a day at the beach are out the door too. It’s time to get into the heartier woodsy scents that sustain you through the colder months. The choices are seemingly endless, from the ubiquitous to the obscure. We love the easy to find, but not yet found everywhere Dark Obsession from Calvin Klein. The men’s answer to Obsession, this fragrance checks all of the boxes for a fall fragrance with its woody, notes of vanilla and distinct leathery tinge.

High Fives All Around

Incorporate these five essential men’s fall fashion choices into your look and you’ll make the transition into the colder months with finesse. Already making good use of these essentials?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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