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Anatomy of a Collection – Fall 2015 Shirts


We’ll admit it, we focus a lot of our attention on suits. But we don’t go too long before an idea for a dress shirt comes into play. After all, made-to-measure men’s dress shirts and custom suits go hand in hand.A brilliantly styled outfit doesn’t come together without first a great looking (and flawlessly fitting) dress shirt. To prove this point, we’re breaking down the 6 men’s dress shirts that weaved their way into the new collection. (And yes, there were only 5 suits.)


Introducing The Purple Gingham

Purple Gingham Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt

Rounding out the gingham collection with this purple addition was an easy choice. Gingham men’s dress shirts are a modern office staple and purple works well with the blue and gray suits you’ve already got in your closet plus the ones you wish you had.

Black and Wine Gingham

Black & Wine Gingham Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt

On the ladder of men’s dress shirts, two-toned gingham shirts take a step down in formality but when the two tones are black and a deep red we’re calling “wine”, the style level remains high.

Gray Micro Check

Gray Micro Check Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt

If checks are your thing but you like them more compact, think small with this gray micro check that looks like a light gray shirt from a distance but is actually made up of many tiny dark intersecting lines.

Royal Blue Micro Check

Royal Blue Micro Check Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt

We loved this fabric so much, we decided to keep the micro check trend going. Like it’s gray twin, this shirt looks like most solid men’s dress shirts from afar. Still, up close, the subtlety of this small pattern adds oomph to any outfit while the medium blue color made it extremely easy to pair with just about any suit and tie we could throw at it.

Light Blue Solid Imperial Oxford

Light Blue Solid Imperial Oxford Custom Dress Shirt

Looking to balance out the more casual shirts we added to this collection, we sought out a fabric that’s found on more formal men’s dress shirts and we landed on Imperial Oxford cloth. We made this shirt out of soft, luxurious cotton in a goes-with-everything light blue so that you could mix a little luxury into any look you want.

Light Gray Solid Imperial Oxford

Light Gray Solid Imperial Oxford Custom Dress Shirt

When it comes to men’s dress shirts, white has, traditionally, been the king of formal options. But we wanted to offer an alternative to the white shirt that’s just as crisp and formal. Enter the light gray. Sharp as a white but with a touch of shadow that’s got boardroom badass written all over it, you can wear this shirt with dark grays for a monochrome look that’s sure to make an impression.

Up Next: we’ll break down the new collection of Unsuits for Fall 2015 from Black Lapel.


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