How To Wear An Overcoat Casually

As things start to cool down, you’ll find yourself looking for some type of winter coat that you can wear in any situation – professionally in the workplace, or casually out to dinner with friends – and anything in between. And when it comes to versatility, you really can’t beat the overcoat.

This is one of our favorite forms of men’s outerwear. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to limit yourself to just formal overcoat styling. Sure – these coats look great draped over a nice, custom-fitted suit. But that’s just one way to wear it. You can also wear your overcoat casually for nights out with friends, cool morning brunches, and much, much more.

But, how do you go about styling your outfit? Don’t worry – today, we’re going to teach you how to wear an overcoat casually. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of casual overcoat-wear so you can start dressing in confidence. Let’s not delay any longer!

Can Overcoats Be Worn Casually?

First things first – can overcoats be worn casually? You may not see this style quite as often as the more formal overcoat look. But make no mistake – the casual overcoat look is stunning when done correctly. Heartthrobs like Harry Styles pull this look off regularly – and you can too with the right advice.

But to truly unlock a stunning, eye-catching look – you have to know the intricacies of how to wear an overcoat casually. This isn’t easy – but with us on your side, it can be! Allow us to explain how you can pull that overcoat on without feeling overdressed.

How To Wear An Overcoat Casually: Styling Tips

Ready to learn how to wear your overcoat casually? We’re excited to help you unlock a new look that captures the attention of everyone around you. You can rock any classic overcoat with jeans, a nice shirt, and some boots. But before we actually talk about styling tips, you need to start with the basics: making sure your coat fits well.

Start By Sizing Your Overcoat Correctly

All the styling tips in the world can only do so much – you need to start with a good foundation: an overcoat that fits. This type of garment can be tricky to nail down in terms of sizing – which is why we wrote a complete guide on how an overcoat should fit.

By starting with an overcoat that fits well, you will have a far easier time bringing the look to life. If the overcoat is too tight and suffocates you, you’ll look silly – and you’ll be uncomfortable. The same goes for swimming in an overcoat. Keep in mind – the manner in which you size your overcoat will affect how it looks when styling. If you size your overcoat with a suit on underneath, it will fit a big baggier when you take that suit away and just wear a casual shirt. You may need different coats for different outfits. That’s ok – nothing wrong with some variety! 

So, take a look at our guide to sizing your coat properly – then we can start to talk about how to wear an overcoat casually.

Pair The Overcoat With The Right Jeans, Shirt, & Footwear

Now comes the fun part – actually putting the rest of your outfit together. An overcoat can be an incredibly casual yet stunning addition to any outfit – but nailing it can be tough. You want to be casual – but there is a fine line between perfection and too casual. When we talk about “casual” we aren’t saying that you can throw an overcoat on top of your hoodie, sweatpants, or vans. You have to strike a balance between the two extremes. When in doubt, here is our go-to casual overcoat look:

Acid Washed Jeans or Ripped Jeans:

As we said above earlier – you don’t want to go too casual and wear your overcoat with sweatpants or joggers. You also should shy away from shorts – that would look far too contrasting. When in doubt, go with jeans or chinos. For a truly effortless, casual look, we prefer acid-washed jeans or ripped jeans.

Picking the right jeans will depend on the specific color and shade of your coat. With a darker pair of jeans, you can wear a lighter overcoat – a beige or tan topcoat looks greatly layered over dark-colored jeans. Or, if you have a darker overcoat – like a black or grey shade – acid-washed jeans are a great tandem. Just make sure your bottoms fit well – you want them to look tapered and modern when paired with an overcoat. The straight-legged or bootcut jeans won’t pair well here. When in doubt, go with a pair of custom jeans for men.

Casual Shirt or Sweater Depending On Weather:

Now for the top – you have plenty of options here. You can choose between some type of casual shirt or sweater depending on the weather. While overcoats are generally used to provide warmth, you can wear them over a casual shirt to achieve a cool, contrasting look.

But for the most part, you want your overcoat to be the star of the show. That means you should save the vibrant, patterned shirts or sweaters for another outfit. We like a plain top for a casual overcoat pairing. Or at the very most, a casual striped or checkered look. Whatever you go with, just make sure it fits well under your overcoat. Custom-made sweaters or a custom casual shirt is your best bet.

Complete The Look With Chunky Shoes or Boots:

Finally – tie the whole outfit together with a nice pair of chunky shoes or boots. The reason to go with bigger/chunkier footwear is to complement your overcoat – which is big and burly in nature.

Personally, we prefer the boots look – but if you’re a sneakerhead, you can create a stunning look by pairing your overcoat with the right sneakers. Just stay away from running shoes/trainers, vans, and other types of shoes that are a bit too casual.

Final Thoughts On How To Wear An Overcoat Casually

That concludes our guide on how to style your overcoat in a casual manner. There is a fine line to be straddled here between casual and too casual – but with our styling tips, you’ll walk the line with ease and truly be the best-dressed man in the room. Remember – it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Walk in confidence and own your look, and nothing is off-limits.

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