Do you need to add to your tie collection? If you order a suit from Black Lapel this November your collection can instantly get bigger…A LOT BIGGER! We’re talking thousands.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to add a new wing to your studio apartment to stock all your new stuff. We’ll include a one-month gift subscription to FreshNeck for every suit ordered in November. A subscription to FreshNeck lets you choose from their collection of ties, bow ties, pocket squares and accessories and pick any three that you want. You can wear them for as long as you want (there are no late fees) return them through a pre-paid mailer when you’re done and get new stuff. It’s a never ending closet of men’s accessories.


David Goldberg Portrait

FreshNeck founder and CEO David Goldberg does his best thinking during down time (he did much of the planning for how to turn his “Netflix for ties” idea into FreshNeck while walking his dog). We caught up with during his nightly dog-walking ritual to talk about his accessories lending company, collaborating with Black Lapel and what it’s like to have one of the biggest collections of accessories known to man.

Black Lapel: Tell us a little bit about founding the company?

David Goldberg: I was a lawyer and then I worked in finance at Merrill Lynch and Jefferies & Co. and they had pretty strict conservative dress codes. The only way I could put some personality into my outfits was through my tie, my pocket square and maybe my socks, depending on who my boss was. Nobody, including myself, wants to wear the same ties over and over again, so I got about 10 guys together at Merrill Lynch and I put together an informal tie swap. Everyone brought in three ties that were in good shape but they didn’t really want anymore. Everyone passed ties to their left and everyone had three new ties to them at no charge. About two months later a few of the guys came up to me and said ‘how about we do another tie swap, I thought that was a great idea.’ That was my first realization that we may be on to something here.

BL: So before you started the company did you have a giant collection of accessories?

DG: Before this company I was a pretty average guy. I appreciated and enjoyed fashion without it playing a major part in my life. I am someone who can be impulsive and likes to change frequently and express all my different moods and personalities by my clothes so I think that lead to…I don’t know if I’d call it collecting or hoarding.

BL: So now the FreshNeck collection includes how much?

DG: About 1,700 items from over 100 designers.

Goldberg wears a Three-Piece Spanish Blue Herringbone Suit from Black Lapel.

Goldberg wears a Three-Piece Spanish Blue Herringbone Suit from Black Lapel.

BL: Do customers ever ask for things you don’t have?

DG: There is demand for the big brands and we have the supply of the big brands, but we always reserve about 25% of our collection for niche, independent, often handmade in the U.S.A. designers. We see ourselves as a platform for these designers to say ‘Here’s how I can get some name recognition. Here’s how I can get out to this community.’ We really pride ourselves on being a discovery platform for new designers and educating our customers.

DG: (Nods) It’s great to be able to give that specific answer but I think what we do well and what Black Lapel does with content is not just give a man a fish but teach him to fish. That’s really what they want to know. I don’t just want to know what one tie goes with this. I want to be able to go to my closet for a different occasion and pick something. Maybe what patterns to look for or what colors work well together.

David Goldberg and his dog Kiley

David Goldberg walks his dog, Kiley, in style.

BL: So what do you say to that guy who, maybe, is tired of wearing the same outfits over-and-over?

DG: That’s what happens when you own ties. You may have this tie that you really love with a great four color bright paisley and it only goes with one shirt that you have. What winds up happening is every two weeks you wear that same shirt with that same tie. That’s problem number one. Problem number two is, let’s say you rip that shirt or you get a stain on it. I have had that problem before where I will look at two ties in my closet and love them and not have one single shirt that really goes with them. My style advice would be get very high quality, well tailored basics. Your suit, your white shirts, your blue shirts, a nice pair of shoes a nice pair of dark slim fit jeans. Then with accessories and things that are trendy, go with quantity because the whole point of an accessory is to add a little bit of personality to an otherwise pretty standard outfit. Nobody wants to see you in that random bow tie or quirky hat over and over again. That defeats the purpose of being an accessory.

Want to skip the reruns in your own accessories rotation? Take Goldberg’s advice, invest in a quality custom suit from Black Lapel in November and accessorize the hell out of it with a free month of FreshNeck.

About The Promotion

  • Free one month gold memberships gift cards to FreshNeck are limited to one per customer.
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  • Qualifying orders must contain at least one suit.
  • The FreshNeck gift card will be sent together with the Black Lapel suit ordered.
  • FreshNeck gift cards may be redeemed on towards a one month membership at the Gold level or as a $35 credit towards a Platinum level membership ($55 price).
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