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Bench the Navy Blue?

Q: “In your latest post, you guys talked about benching the navy blue suit in favor of some brighter summer colors. My navy blue suit is the most versatile suit in my closet, why would I set it aside for the whole summer?” – Kevin L.

A: Of course, you should still keep your Navy Blue Custom Suit ready all summer, Kevin. We called it a wardrobe anchor for a reason. And while we love our summer blues, there are just some situations where the good ol’ classic navy is still your best bet. Here are a few:

  1. A Job Interview: Stick with navy for interviews. Reliable, dependable, not too mouthy, navy blue is just what you want a prospective employer thinking about you in an interview.
  2. Casual Friday: The blue blazer and jeans (or chinos) look just won’t quit because it’s so damn simple. Get the fit right and you’re 99% of the way to stylish. The jacket from your navy suit does double-duty as a blazer with such ease (unless you’re a stickler for the gold buttons) you’d be crazy not to take advantage.
  3. After Hours: When the sun goes down, the deep dark blue of navy, set against an inky midnight sky, can work wonders for you. During the day a navy suit and a white shirt means you’re earning G’s. Rock the same suit at night with a dark blue shirt and you’re a shade away from spendin’ G’s in all black everything.

Got some other situations you’d opt for a Navy Blue Suit over any others? Share in the comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “Bench the Navy Blue?”

  1. ricardo villa says:

    I’ll be attending a wedding and I’ll be wearing a navy blue pants (ankle length)and a light blue blaze with a patch on the elbow). My shirt is white with a bluish button, a white pocket square and navy blue bow tie. My shoes is brown and a brown belt. The reason of this style is that I just want to have different look. However, someone tells me that it looks gay that only gay would wear separating suits. I need your feed back

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Hmmm…clearly the person who gave you this information doesn’t want you to look great, like this guy who happens to be gay.

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