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Tuxedos – Renting vs. Buying

Q: Can you address the economic value of buying a tux vs. renting? I have a wedding to attend in late September and I’m debating whether I should rent a tuxedo or just invest in buying one. – Ken R. 

A: We put together a diagram that we thought might answer your question better. See below: 

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7 thoughts on “Tuxedos – Renting vs. Buying”

  1. Aleksander Pruitt says:

    There is one other option but is really only relevant for students/recent graduates. Forgo the tux all together and simply use a black bow tie with your black suit.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      That works too, but we say take advantage of every occasion that allows for a tux!

  2. ultimatewarrior says:

    This is a cool infographic. It makes sense if every wedding you are invited to is tux acceptable. Or is the assumption that a tux will always be appropriate for any wedding?

    The one big case for buying would be that you can get it tailored perfectly for your body. Rentals don’t always fit perfectly.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Good point! Some wedding invites will specify that you should be dressed in a casual shirt and sandals. With most weddings however, even when a dress code isn’t stated, you’re going to be just right in your custom tux. Also, it never hurts to be the most sharply dressed man around… 😉

      1. Nicholas says:

        At a wedding, you definitely should not be the most sharp dressed man around. That’s reserved for the groom.

        1. Black Lapel says:

          Outshining the groom is a concern but not a reason to step down the sartorial ladder. Instead, as we said in our summer wedding guide, why not politely offer up some of your impeccable style tips to the groom before the wedding? Tip #1: (shameless plug) read The Compass.

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