Q: “I don’t always have time to get my shoes shined when I’m on the road, got any tips for a super quick shine?”  Bart L.

A: There are several products out there that will help you give your shoes a quick once over. Toss a couple of shine sponges in your travel bag. These little lifesavers pack a polishing punch by evenly spreading a little instant polish onto your shoes when you apply them. We like the ones from Kiwi because they have a little indicator which shows you when they’re out of liquid. Pick up a black and brown one to give a little boost to your shoes’ color or get a neutral colored one to give your leather some sheen. If the sponges take up too much space in your bag, try Express Shine Wipes (also from Kiwi).

Of course, if you’re carrying dress shoes when you travel you should keep them in cloth shoe bags to keep the other stuff in your bag clean. When all else fails, a good nylon or even microfiber shoe bag, like this one from Tough Guy, can be turned inside out and used to buff up a shoe that’s lost some of its luster.

Just run the bag over the shoe’s toe and pull down on either side in a sawing motion to bring out the shine in the top of the toe. (Be sure to use the INSIDE of the bag, or any polish or grime that rubs off on the bag will get on your clothes when you repack your bag.)

Run the bag around the heel and pull either side to give the back and heel some love and you’ve got yourself a two minute shine that’ll hold you over until you get home for a full shine.

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