Q: “I recently read The Compass post, “How to a Build Your Dress Shoe Wardrobe“, and noticed that some of the dress shoes featured were over $300. That seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a pair of shoes. Is it really worth spending that much on a pair of dress shoes?” – Joe H. 

A: While not always the case, a higher price tag on a pair of dress shoes will usually signal a higher quality of leather and construction. A well-crafted, high-quality pair of leather dress shoes is a long-term investment. With the proper care (cleaning, polishing, conditioning, using shoe trees, rotating wear and resoling), a pair of well-crafted dress shoes can last 20+ years (and in many cases, a lifetime). That said, $300 (or more) is still a lot of dough to drop on a pair of shoes, so let’s break down the long-term costs:

$300 at 20 years, with $10 worth of shoe care product per year and 6 resolings at $50 = $40 per year

When you compare that to the $1,000 the average American spends on coffee per year it doesn’t seem like quite so much!

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