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Evolution of Striped Suit Style

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striped suit
striped suit style

In the animal kingdom stripes are used both by predators (like tigers) and prey (like zebras) for camouflage. And for a long time, people used stripes to blend into the scenery on Wall Street too, where the stuffy old bankers were all clad in pinstripes. But menswear keeps evolving and stripes, once a dominant trait of the banker suit, have been reimagined.
And so, inspired by the father of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, we went out on an expedition to discover and classify all the new species of striped suit wearers.

Color is Key

The distinguishing trait of this new type of striped suit wearer was that, unlike the pinstripe wearing men of the past, he features lighter, unexpected colors. Instead of light stripes on dark base color or dark stripes on light base color, he chooses fabrics with light stripes on light background. The result is a lower contrast and more importantly, not business-as-usual stripe.

That’s why we chose the Oyster Gray Herringbone Stripe Custom Suit to showcase the new species we discovered. This suit’s pattern is a combination of a herringbone and a pinstripe, so it’s not strictly a pinstripe suit, but a new adaptation of the striped suit. This creates more depth to its overall appearance and less emphasis on the stripes.

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Double-Breasted Don
(Dapperus Maximus)

Key Traits:

A close relative of the Pitti Peacock, the Double-Breasted Don is known for wearing a double breasted suit with a modern silhouette. When one wears a striped suit, a double breasted jacket amps up the cool factor. Adding on patch pockets makes the suit look less serious and the light blue accent stitching is a custom option that gives the wearer a unique marking.

Featured here:
the Oyster Gray Herringbone Stripe Custom Double-Breasted Suit and White Solid Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt by Black Lapel.

Double Breasted striped suit
Boardroom Badass striped suit

Boardroom Badass
(Three-pius Suitius)

Key Traits:

This native of the boardroom has adapted to changing environments and shed his dark fabric. In this case, he eases the business vibe of a 3-piece suit with a light blue dress shirt and knit tie. The softened look is less hard-charging but retains an unmistakably professional look.

Featured here: the Oyster Gray Herringbone Stripe Custom 3-Piece Suit, Light Blue Solid Twill Weave Custom Dress Shirt, and Brown Silk Knit Tie by Black Lapel.

The Pinstripe Player
(Pinstripalia Relaxitus)

Key Traits:

The Pinstripe Player is known to display plumage like a saturated purple knit tie that brings out the subtle lavender tones in this fabric. The notch lapels (the most versatile and adaptable of lapel designs) seen on this suit create another way to streamline this suit giving it its relaxed vibe.

Featured here: the Oyster Gray Herringbone Stripe Custom Suit, White Solid Broadcloth Custom Dress Shirt, and Lavender Silk Knit Tie by Black Lapel.

Pinstripe Suit Player

Are you Ready to Adapt?

If you’d like to evolve your own style, take a cue from the examples you see above and work some stripes into your closet. Start here with these subtly striped suits:

striped suit

Light Blue Fine Stripe Fresco Custom Suit
This subtle striped suit lets the color be the star of the show.

Sullivan Gray Pinstripe Custom Suit
This mohair blend suit bridges the gap between traditional gray pinstripes and the new breed of striped suits.

Your Next Move:

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2 thoughts on “Evolution of Striped Suit Style”

  1. Fantastic post. One has to admire the rise of the striped suit once again. The colours are very key in this situation. But play them to your strengths, and the boardroom will be in awe of you.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Well put, Sunny D! Glad you liked it.

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