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3 Horrifying Men’s Style Mistakes to Avoid

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Men’s style can feel like a house of horrors sometimes. Everywhere you look there is some rule-enforcing, self-appointed, fashion police officer waiting to pounce on you. Every decision you make when you get dressed in the morning can haunt you for years to come. It can be some pretty scary stuff. But fear not. Unlike, say, women’s clothing, men’s style changes at a pretty slow pace. (Score another one for guys.) You can build a pretty bulletproof wardrobe that will stand up to the test of time. More good news… when it comes to tailored clothing the pace of change is downright glacial. So there’s really no excuse for guys to make so many style mistakes. Yet, men still find a way. With Halloween only a week away, we thought we’d offer up our list of the top three men’s style mistakes that give us the heebie-jeebies. But this isn’t just any list. For one, this list is for the suit wearing segment of the population (aka Compass readers), so we focused on common men’s style mistakes seen in suits (for a list of men’s style mistakes that includes a mix of casual and dressy style, check out Kinowear’s list of forty fashion faux pas for men). The second thing that makes this list unique is that it’s not just a list of screw-ups or an excuse for us to troll on celebrities looking like chumps on the red carpet. This list consists of only easily correctable problems. If you check out this list and see a mistake that you make, fear not. Each of these men’s style mistakes can be fixed by your tailor (probably for less than fifty bucks). Ready to be scared straight? Check this list out and see if anything sounds familiar. If so, fix it. With the quickness (like before next week’s Halloween parties) or people will think you’re dressed up as a scrub for Halloween.

The Mistake

Not tapering the legs on your pants – Are your legs bigger at the top than they are at the bottom? If you answered no, you are probably some sort of tree/human hybrid (BTW, that would be a badass Halloween costume idea). If you answered yes, then your pants ought to follow the shape of your legs.

The Solution

Take your pants to your tailor (or a dry cleaner that does alterations on site). Try them on and have the tailor pin them so that you can see how much better they’ll look when they taper as they reach the bottom of your leg. Once you get them dialed in, the tailor will handle the rest and it’ll be so long tree trunk legs.

The Mistake:

Wearing your pants too long – The pants puddle, that collection of fabric around the ankles is a sure-fire sign of a guy who hasn’t mastered fit. Somewhere along the way men got it into their heads that their socks should be hidden away and their shoes engulfed by their pant legs. The result: pants puddling has reached epidemic levels.

The Solution:

The worst part about this epidemic is that it’s a preventable disease. The solution is so easy even a caveman’s loincloth tailor can do it. Stop by any dry cleaner with an in-house tailor or seamstress and they can probably make this quick alteration for you in minutes.

The Mistake:

Losing your shirt cuff under your jacket sleeve – The style rule is: your shirt cuff should stick out a quarter- or half-inch below the jacket sleeve. We’re a little less strict about this rule. Show too much shirt cuff and you’ll be forgiven, but don’t show any and you’ll look like the high school kid at the dance wearing his dad’s blazer.

The Solution:

This is probably the trickiest of the tailoring jobs on this list. There are cases when your tailor might have to shorten your sleeve by detaching it at the shoulder and reattaching it a little further down the arm. That could be a costly procedure, but such drastic measures aren’t necessary in most cases. Usually this is a simple job that a skilled tailor can knock out without too much work.

Hopefully we’ve dropped some knowledge on you here. Of course, if you want to avoid having these problems to begin with, you can get yourself a custom suit that’s made to your precise measurements and fits you flawlessly from Black Lapel.

Questions about these mistakes and these fixes? Add it to the comments where we can discuss.

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6 thoughts on “3 Horrifying Men’s Style Mistakes to Avoid”

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  3. Ignacio G. De Varona says:

    A little off topic, but I must say this company makes some of the nicest suits I have seen without a $1,000+ label attached to them. I’m only 21, though project myself to be older and have a few nice off the rack suits that fit me well, after some mild tailoring. One could say my friends and people around me consider me to be a stylish individual and often seek my advice when it comes to nicer clothing. They’ve definitely been influenced by me in making the decision to start dressing like proper gentlemen. Secretly (I guess its not a secret anymore), I must admit that it is only recently that the burning obsession for made to measure suits and attention to the little details that truly make a fine suit have awoken inside my head.

    I’ve spent the last two weeks (every day since I discovered the site) looking at the selection on this website and comparing them to some of your competitors. Aside from what the reviews say and by mere observation, my personal opinion is that the quality of your product is far superior, from the patterns down to the very little details that scream custom-made. I wouldn’t know what to call it other than downright obsessed. I must have one of these suits to show off around Puerto Rico and make people jealous. There are extremely few old-school tailors left on the island, so there is not a large supply of bespoke/MTM suiting, even the executives could appreciate a fine custom suit. I can appreciate great quality at competitive prices when I see them, and this site definitely has both! Unfortunately, I’m still a full-time accounting student and will be going straight to law school next semester, which means more student loans and that as much as I would love to look like I’m wearing a suit proper for a king (at least a CEO), I won’t be able to easily afford them until I am past the student phase.

    I’d love to know if your company has any major sales during the year, so that I could make the sacrifice and at the very least try to get one of your entry level suiting options. If not, then I’ll have to wait until I’m able to afford all these nice things in order to make my peers jealous and swoon even more ladies with my custom swag. Just thought I’d share my admiration for the pieces on this site, even though I still don’t own one (or five) just yet.

    1. Black Lapel says:

      It’s good to hear that you’re already working on your style game, Ignacio. We’re here to help. Step one: sign up for our emails so you can stay in the loop on all of the secrets of style.

      To answer your question, we don’t currently offer any student discounts or run promotions or sales. We believe that at our current prices, you’re already getting a true luxury product with a premium level of service at an inherent discount.

      That being said, building a stylish wardrobe can take time. So make a plan, build your budget (you won’t need much in the long run) and when you get out of school and are ready for that interview suit we’ll be ready for you.

  4. Jovan says:

    As long as your britches aren’t boot cuts or Oxford bags, the taper doesn’t need to be too aggressive. In my opinion at least. I’ve got an old Brooks Brothers suit that looks great apart from the hybrid boot cut/wide leg thing from the early ’80s (a compromise between last decade’s fashion and the “power” look). I’m definitely slimming them down to 18″ around. They’re almost 19.5″ at present!

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Always astute, Jovan. A mild case of leg wideness can look fine, as with everything fit related, proportion is the key.

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